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A twenty seventeen white nationalist rally in virginia one woman was killed twenty eight others were injured however lawyers for twenty two year old james fields argue that he deserves some leniency because he had a traumatic childhood and has a history of mental illness a sentencing hearing scheduled for later today in charlottesville for the second time this the woman has given birth to a child inside the butler county jail in a statement sheriff richard jones calls it tragic that the child was born inside the jail he will hold a news conference later this morning to discuss his ideas to hold the people accountable who he says are contributing to this type of tragedy cracking down on paired drivers in hamlin county the task forces setting up to sobriety checkpoints tonight one in the two thousand nine hundred block of west galbraith road in groesbeck that will run from eight until nine thirty the other will be from ten thirty to midnight and the thirty six hundred block of blue rock road in white oak expect to see more officers on the highways in kentucky as we approached the fourth of july lease across the state of kentucky will be taking part in a speed enforcement blitz that starts sunday and runs through july thirteenth it's the obey the sign or pay the fine campaign that is federally funded it kentucky office of highway safety says crash reports and ticket data show more than thirty two percent of crashes in kentucky chucky involves speeding or an aggressive driver i met reese newsradio seven hundred wwl w on wall street the dow currently up thirty one points the nasdaq is down three s and p's picked up six reds update it's the reds and cubs tonight at great american ballpark our pre game coverage gets underway at six ten our next up they will be at ten thirty ricky chino newsradio seven hundred wwl there's no.

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