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Husband, and I were lucky enough to C N game last night at eight PM and the end of the movie, we realized that our first date so many years ago was seeing the very first vendors. So we thought that was cute, and we see it. Now. Again, that's been in life at the conclusion of the. I thought it was okay. We really liked for symphony worse better in. Also, there is no post credit scene. There's no mid credit scene. Even though Spiderman comes out this summer got nothing to wait for after the credits are over weight there and sit for an hour expecting a payoff because you will not get one anyway, happy, Friday and hope everybody has an excellent weekend. Brennan, you know, people are still going to sit there and wait, and they're gonna watch that screening good now, maybe for me, I'll see something here. But I mean, I remember the 0 wars that they didn't even put the lights up like the theater was aware that everyone was going to be saying waiting for the end credit in the mid credit scene. But if the lights are going up after game than that should indicate you guys need to leave everyone leave. Now, it's time to get out of here. So the clean up the theater for the next group of people that is coming in to watch this movie. It does take them a little time to do that. I heard a bunch of talking about how teases about the new Spiderman forgive me who the hell is spider and now own my God, Sean. I mean, I know who the character. I have no idea. It's the tiny guy. And he was injured Garfield. No, Andrew Garfield was a another version of spider, man. But that was an emcee from what I understand want who's in high school that the kid the young kid. Yeah. And he's like also featured in in other movies now like he's been in kept America in 0. I think you might have been there's so many people 0 where you cannot remember all the people that were in Finnity great. I mean, this guy who plays Spiderman is awesome. He totally sells it everywhere. He goes he does like a Spiderman thing go to the hospital. I remember one time he jumped out of his limo in a tuxedo. Some sort of smoke flash. And he was in Spiderman. This guy is going to be named him. Remember his name? I know you're talking about is the young one does the high school version of Spiderman. That's Tom hall in. And I guess that's the next extent. Exciting one for the marvel comic universe. It's coming up. Here's sticky Ricky with a dispatch. So.

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