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I'm Jeff Schwartz alongside Jordan. It's been a fantastic show, George. I really enjoyed the first time we've done do this together. I like mixing a little basketball basketball flavor to this show. Yeah. Man. It's fun to be out here with you. Look, the legend precedes, you my friend. You've worked with my fiance have before. And she she I thought she may have oversold with the potential liver. Overdeliver? Awesome fantastic. And you said she actually listened tonight. So good. She did. So there will be some critiques things. I go at the end of the show. I will be hearing about tax, but it's been a fun ride. Man. It's been fantastic. All right. We're great weekend of football. Obviously. There was some other sports because there with a UFC fight as well. There was there was two two fights last night on one of the women's side won the men's side. We call it football. Obviously yesterday pro football today, I'll start with you joy hear this one biggest surprise of the weekend for you. Biggest surprise of the weekend would have to be something, you know, this is from a personal note. No doubt, you know, being at my alma mater and having traveled down to Dallas to watch Notre Dame and the college football playoff game versus Clemson. I firmly believe that Notre Dame did belong. I still do believe the Notre Dame did belong, and I am a little surprised by the outcome of the game. I did not anticipate nor did a lot of people there, especially as you got towards the end of the. That first quarter, and it was all knotted up three to three. I firmly believe that this was going to be a more even match up with the opportunity down towards the end of it for Notre Dame to win it. And I did think there were some unfortunate things have changed overall. How the how the rest of the game played out with some injuries most notably Julian love for Notre Dame. And then that got exploited and open the game up a little bit. But I was disappointed with how Notre Dame responded. Even despite those obstacles, I thought they'd make it a little bit more competitive. I thought they put up some points to me the takeaway from that was the surprise of that was is. Wow, I think people need to put some respect on Trevor Lawrence's name nineteen year old freshman quarterback for Clemson Clemson in the program that they are in the team if they'd been maybe this whole year, we simply didn't know about there's something to be said for teams that have been there before especially coach that has been there steadfastly for last four years of this rise meteoric one from Clemson, I mean, how long ago does Clemson sound to the listener out there that that was the phrase for Clemson who would just when the opportunity was right? They do something wrong. Those days are over. And I think we need to start to appreciate what Dabbas built here and in these moments his his football acumen, really comes to the forefront is propelled this team back to a place where they've a great opportunity to beat Alabama. So I'd say for me the biggest prize was. Just how good this constant Tigers football team is. Yeah. I was comes. We're not like that doesn't surprise me. Too much. I will say that. What surprised the cultural side was just like stop trying the middle. Second quarter was just shocking. They're up twenty nothing, and they just shut it completely down. And I always feel as Ryan you thought they just let up. The. Off lost one hundred percent. Yeah, they slow down. Stop throwing the ball against the worst passing defense in the country. I think you can never have enough points in college football points are complete pre. You can never have enough in college football. I I guess you want to preserve your defense and knocking Murray the ball, but he was always gonna get his and eventually got there. So I mean this court to a thirty four points, right? Thirty four it's still a decent amount of points. Not not fifty or something. Right. But they still got the points in the game. I just felt able to put up like sixty five sixty three if they wanted to. So that wasn't terribly surprised but easily for me, I think we've touched on this tonight is the Vikings no show today. I mean, you're you're you're one win away from making the playoffs in a year where you signed cousins, and we know windows, the NFL or small with the patriots do is not normal. You don't have a dynasty for fifteen sixteen years the Seahawks right there back in the playoffs. Now, we thought they were the. The next big thing. Right. They had legion of boom that that Russel Wilson marshawn Lynch, the offense ally, Baldwin all all these guys here and there one championship. And yes, there were close to one another one, but they didn't win it right painting. Any Broncos won championship? A we thought the Panthers. We Cam you. And we're going to be back. Once you rule appearance. It doesn't have the falcons, right? Nowhere to be seen after they made the Super Bowl. It doesn't happen like that. And so you have a short window right now to make it happen and the Vikings Buddha window the so far this year. Mike Zimmer the head coach is gone. I think long and hard he fired as oh see that was the problem. He said three oh season two years. Now, that's not Jeff I don't think he's I think he's a name that could be a splash on Monday that he's given a pink slip. I I. He's just one of those one of those guys that could be the big surprise come Monday in terms of. I mean, he's done a magnificent job. But this year, you could argue that there are some, you know, chaos with personnel. And you mentioned the three coordinators, but then fourteen win team a year ago. You spend all that money on one guy that just simply didn't work. But it's how flat the performance was today. I think that you're talking about which I'm until agreements on. It's just surprising to me case keenum did so much more with this team a year ago. And I walk it that that argument with Adam feeling on the sidelines. I just think that's indicative of what this season was for a team that should have maxed out on the opportunity with Aaron Rodgers that team an influx a second year quarterback with Mitch Trubisky aligns team that has this was the opportunity. This is a missed opportunity for them. No question. Yeah. It was in Georgia. I really. Hope we can do this again at some point..

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