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I mean, how we turn this around? Well, I think people need to, you know, a long time ago. Actually, Governor Cuomo once said this, too. May when we were talking about investing after the crash of 2000 and seven housing upset, he said. People will go back into the water when they know the shark is dead. So I think that there has to be a confidence. That system is fair on that comes with accountability that comes with Villagers. But I think that's that's where we are right now. People want to know. That shocking dead that leak across the system, and that's why the whole, you know in the book factor to is called the two that sales and that is about how they tried to take Donald Trump down beginning in 2016, even possibly at the end of 15 and just kept going with this collusion stories. Three years that the media drove the bus on. We need to see some accountability. There need to see what happens even if it's Bill bar John Berman coming out and said, Guess what? They work, no fraud. There was no abuse of power. Okay, fine. We know that you track he gets his due diligence and we will start to trust system without accountability. And do Gilligan. People don't know They don't trust the system, and that's where we are right now in this ballot craziness. Yeah. How many times do we see $100,000 in the garbage here? $50,000 in Brooklyn in the coverage there, you know, God, bad sound under a rock. So it's not really It's becoming like green eggs and ham. I would not hide ballots on a goat or on a boat. It's not good, and I agree with you that the truth is right now we don't have a system in place after four years of trying to upend the last election that anybody trusts OK, The president is obviously taking a lot of shots of the integrity of the process because he's seen it weaponized against him, so I believe he's very well with his rights to do it. You know, obviously, you know, people on the left have been fed this absurd narrative for four years about him not being legitimate. So they have their own issues as well. Is there a world Maria where we could have a universal vote counting standard, so we don't have states coming in, you know, scattered around the map. E. Don't know. I mean, I know I don't know that the legality of that. I just don't know how I know that in this particular situation today, I would expect the Trump Administration is going to take down the hammer. I think you're gonna see his lawyers. Come out. Go to Pennsylvania. Go to Wisconsin. Go to Arizona and do a deep dive into these palace. I can't imagine. Donald Trump, knowing the fighter that he has been all of these years. If he's gonna walk away and say, OK, I trust you guys. The same guys who abuse power in 2016 now want to be in power. Once again. It's a great point. The same people who told us put out a poll saying he was down 17 points in Wisconsin. Did you see that? Get in here crazy. They did not want the media did not want to show me. I don't know why we sat on Florida's So long Ohio. It's There are situations where you have to turn back and say, Well, wait a minute. Why didn't we call this shooter? What? Why was this called at this time? I don't know. I mean, are there answers for that? I don't have them. But I'm asking my contacts because I know it's something A lot of people are frustrated with and as it pertains to Arizona, uh, you know, other networks haven't called it a lot of people okay, including Bill Stepien, Trump's campaign manager, who spoke earlier today on a conference call said that they believe when all is said and done, they're gonna win Arizona by 25 to 30,000 votes. So you know, we're a long way from home on this, but I wanted to ask you this. You spoke with Trump pollster Jim McLaughlin on your show, Did you not? Yes, I did. And he was excellent..

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