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Espn dot com slash fantasy football you can see average draft positions here's a couple of the guys that are about now here's my question for you and i and i really do need to asked this question because so many people they'll ask me a question and i'll say well tell me about your legal unip a ppar hair when ppar points perception don't matter i'm not really sure and that's my number one thing and you laugh at it there but it's true it you have to know your league rules guys imagine very writes about this all the time study year league rule no the inside in the out of what makes your league tick before you even call and ask a question because if you don't have answers for this that it's hard for me to give you two white vice go ahead to halfpoint ppar league the rest of the scoring is basically standard quarterbacks you get a bit of a bonus because it's one point every twenty yards not 25 which is standard but passing touchdowns our only worth four so sort of nine but also whether it's one one point every twenty yards a thirty or seventy everyone's on the same plane so it doesn't really ultimately matter all that much but you don't think that if the quarterback is getting like if it were let's say were six point touchdown lead you don't think that have quarterbacks in i do the fourpoint touchdown matters a lot more than the one point for every twenty yards fairness all right so here's a couple of guys that going around 37th in espn live drafts in mock drafts you've got christian mccaffrey michael crabtree carlos hide matt ryan of those four guys who would you be most inclined to take well are you a guy that likes to roll the dice or you someone that plays a kind of closer to the visting conservative that's a great question i would say i generally roll the dice i go for boomorbust i'm trying to win the league not finish.

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