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That shaken the country after George Floyd staff will continue for NPR news I'm chip Mitchell in Chicago you're listening to weekend edition from NPR news and live from KQED news I'm clinic him the city of Alameda released yesterday the body camera footage of police responding to a call in late may the reported a black man was dancing in the street KQED Serra Hussaini has more in a recording released Friday a woman tells non emergency dispatch that an African American man is dancing and spending in the street I'm getting your mind body camera footage as a police officer arrives shows a middle aged man and athletic clothes moving his arms while walking just outside the car going on well kept street when approached the man Molly Watkins explains that he lives across the street and is doing his daily dance exercises the cop asks if he feels like hurting himself now you're detained soon Walken's is forced to face down to the ground placed in handcuffs and cited for resisting arrest everybody here what we can do everything I was a victim of police brutality you're going to end up in a month like the one where the Baker center for human rights executive director Zachary Norris works with neighborhood watch groups around bias to prevent such calls in the first place and he's part of a growing push to redistribute police funds to other public safety programs like those accessible through the two one one resource line for example if we have a broader set of first responders it would reduce the number of police interactions with black and brown people and with all people Alameda city manager Eric Levitz says the city is conducting a probe into the incident and will work to ensure the police department's policies reflect the city's values and Serra Hussaini KQED news in Berkeley I'm clean I can KQED news support comes from personal capital offering instant access to financial tools and advice from home personal capital dot com it's time now for perspective could eliminate all shares the pervasive despair and pain pain so many feel right now but she takes comfort in a family saying that has gotten him through dark days before your search perspective broken but still whole there was a saying taped to the wall of my mom's house during the last years of her life it was in my sister's hand writing she put it there a year or two after mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer's he greeted us every time we were in the kitchen in the early years while we made T. refilled meds or plate banana grams at the table and then in the later years when we needed a private nook to week where mom couldn't CS it's sad no matter how broken you feel you are still full I've been thinking a lot about that quote lately everything is broken right now windows public institutions trust I read somewhere once that ranges the radical tip of the grief that time will never root out sometimes grief sits with us forever the loss of a coherent mass death the degradation of humanity sorrow heartbreak and rage are colliding in public and in private in the morning I savor that instance second of time before I fully remember the state of our world but like so many others I get up put one foot in front of the other and try to make sense of despair one of the most vivid memories I have of mom is a Sunday I wheeled her into church with me and her latest stages of Alzheimer's as was typical of that time she was out of it glassy eyed staring off into space then all of the sudden when the recessional hymn we shall overcome started playing her eyes lit up she saying all the words at full volume with ease and conviction a moment of wholeness I find small ways to feel this now the extra tight hug from my children before they go to sleep the just the right time phone call from a friend the birds reclaiming their song no matter how broken you feel you are still whole with the perspective I'm Karena Moran get enough money no.

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