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The perfect day to boss up is technically build as an advice how to book. And that makes sense. Ross life is an incredible success story and his approach to making money. Well, I wish I had a bit more of that. I do wish I could go into a bar mitzvah. Hell yeah, let's do this. Let's have the best time ever because I'm honestly a bit more like, well, I'm curious to sell out, look what you'll do for a chat. But it's like, why shouldn't every gig be the best ever? It's a wonderful thing to know that any crowd wants to see you do your thing. And the fact that you can lift that occasion just with your presence and doing what you do, well, that's sort of a mitzvah itself. You get the feeling that Ross could actually just walk around a party smiling and high fiving and they would instantly be safe. That's the people's champ part of him shining through. But he earned that through talent and persistence and a whole lot of charisma. So there's some really hilarious shit in the book honestly. I really love there's some little language like you tell this amazing story and it's feels totally real about going to visit Kanye at, where is it? In Atlanta, he's at the Tyler Perry thing. And you say the first person that walks in, that you see is Rick Fox, who's like running the business. And I love you have this line. I have to quote it 'cause I was just like, I was like laughing out loud. This is no shade to Rick phosphate. I always knew Rick Fox to be a reliable, small Ford. I didn't know he was working for Kanye. You could ever give a definition of Rick Fox for life. There's certain players that are just great at filling those homes. This is Rick Ross, I'm walking through the warehouse, that's owned by the gentleman who owns Chick-fil-A. We stopped shook hands with him. Yeah. Walking through Kanye showing me around showing me the fashion side of the warehouse. We walked through the music side, the studio side. We listened to production beats so so on and so forth. And then he walks me over into the presidential campaigns. One thing to know Rick Fox for being an NBA player, a small forward in his real bang the norm for being an NBA player a small forward and working for Kanye and then there's no one Rick Fox would be in the NBA player or small four in employee for Kanye. And then the guy that's running the president you campaign. Oh, he's running the campaign. He wants to just, okay, okay, wow. Oh, I most definitely I was in an amazing moment. And I wish y'all do it all over again. I wish I could just yeah. And I would have been less than or I wish I could have just really enjoyed the moment a little more. Instead of looking around and you see Rick Fox, you know, chalkboard and you look I look to my right and here next to me and then I looked at my left. There was an older white guy look like a scientist your show wasn't Sean Bradley. I'm not sure who it was. I just was like, rose, you got yourself some shit today, buddy. I also, like, you tell it, you're not afraid to tell exactly how happy of it in a funny way and you recognize the some of the craziness of it. But then I love at the end, it's just you and Kanye like you're like, I need beats and he's like, all right, well, if you got rhymes, cool. Like it's just like at the end of the day because you talk about you guys go back 20 years. Yeah, we do. We go back a long time and it's just that was the dope thing about the whole conversation to me was the fact that it was still about music, regardless of how much success he's having with fashion, clothes, you know, getting to live out his dreams. That was some bucket list shit. I'm running for president. I'm sure that's real cool to talk about it all up, you know, the parties, you know, having a glass, a loop Bel Air with some friends, you know, that's a great conversation piece, but at the end of the day, it went back to the music. Yeah. It went back to the beach. And went back to the raps, the ideas and so I was just like, yo, you know, I get it. I get it. I see what he's doing. Also, I had another thing that really stuck in my mind about the book is you know obviously been embroiled in some verbal wars yourself, but you seem to have this you're like the harshest put down that you've ever heard is that we talk about the Anderson Cooper when Donald Trump lost the thing and he calls Trump an obese turtle. And I feel like it was just like that went over my head even when that happened, but you seem to be like really like a lot of respect. You're like, if there was a full fucking burn, obese turtle, you really give it up to Anderson Cooper for that. That was, that was hilarious. I never could, you know. That was funny. You got to admit that. It's incredible. I don't even know how I missed it the first time and you know there were a lot of like fuck face Mac orange. There were a lot of great insults but obese turtle really just does everything it needs to do. So the album comes out Friday. Everybody downloaded December 10th. Of course, I can't wait. So tell me about this record and in an incredible discography so much solid as much as anybody ever. What is this recommend to you and how is it maybe different? I think what it means to me is just being somebody that was always on my own pedestal for the things I brought to the game. I think that's what made me unique coming from the south, but the word play was much elevated than the standard or the norm. And I just got better and better. You know, by the time I released my debut port of Miami, which a lot of people heralded as a classic by the time I was at deeper than rap, people knew this shit was going somewhere different. Teflon Don came mastermind came when I put together the record with Dr. Dre, Jay-Z and myself. Three tanks. Yeah, three kings and so I just began to show people my vision and what, you know, the things I'm capable of and still capable of. And so here I am. Album number 11. And I'm still just dependent solely on the boss, the beans, that's what I really focused on. So when you hit these records, when you hear little Havana and the vibe and the intro by Willie falcone, the biggest kingpin in the history of shit, it could be the U.S. just introduced the album and set the tone and I did the rest. Yeah. And are there any new features or people that you have to work with on this record? Did you decide to try anything new musically? Well, I got to actually get a virtual majority young artist coming out of Miami. You know, we worked in the past Apple of my eye. He actually produced these incredible producers and as well as our artists as well as young and they started essential Florida. We did an incredible record. I really feel it's going to really hit streets in a major major way. And I exchanged bars with Benny to push her, you know, some cool things. Wale, future, we got on another record. One words and you know, everything just, you know, it sits in his own place. And I want to just make sure I remain creative so that it was always not only just me being here 'cause I wanted to, when.

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