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Welcome back to Spartan stadium in east Lansing. Jim Brandstatter, Jon Jansen Doug, Karsh statistician Bob Ross occur. Spotter Brett curly. Our engineer. Tony butler. Glad to have you along with us for this backyard brawl and three quarters. Listen to these numbers Michigan with three hundred eight yards of total offense to the Spartans eighty seventy rushing. Michigan state nineteen attempts seventeen yards Michigan with one hundred and four yards rushing. Higdon has twenty carries for ninety five and through the air. Michigan has two hundred and four yards to Michigan state seventy worke just six of twenty four for seventy yards shape. Patterson thirteen of twenty three two hundred six and two touchdowns and listening to those numbers if I had my eyes closed I would say this game was about twenty four to nothing and really should be without the turnover inside the nine yard line without the turnover. We had down here in scoring. Range the opportunities that we've had in the red zone. There are a lot of points that Michigan has left on the field, which all of that means absolutely nothing because right now, it's still fourteen to seven John. That's why I think this possession for Michigan is so vital. It is start the fourth quarter. You need to be able to March down the field. And we've already seen captain Koran. Do a great job of five yards on first down. Breaking a fifteen yard run. I mean, those are the things that you need to see from your playmakers. If you're going to get the opportunity to handle the football club. Donovan people Jones is a big playmaker today in the fact that he hit a seventy nine yard touchdown pass from shape Patterson to break a seven seven times on a first and ten from the Michigan twenty one yard line. And it's the passing game in my judgment that I think is gonna loosen up the Michigan state defense and let the running game go even though Higgins near one hundred yards rushing, which is an accomplishment against this front seven. Michigan state's got a great rushing. Defense are number one in the country coming in today. Exactly. And and Hayden with near one hundred yards Saint a lot. But they need more from them with fifteen minutes to play. They've got a fourteen seven lead. They got a first and ten from the Michigan state forty nine under center Patterson. The loan setback is hey, did they give it to hit? It breaks it around the right side gets back to the line of scrimmage. That's it. David Dowell is there along with Rick Juan Williams? But there just wasn't a lot of movement. Upfront. We had a lot of success. And it would be nice to be able to see the same success off the other side. Second down and ten wolverine. Picked in the running back Nico Cowan's splits wide, right people's Jones wide left shotgun for Patterson tight in McKean. Right tight end, gentry left. Shotgun factor thrown Patterson looking throwing peak down the sideline intended for people's Jones in this time. Good coverage out there. Was secure Brown did the job covering people's Jones tried the same fly route. But people Jones could not get behind Brown. So it's third down in ten. I liked the shadow. Liked the midfield. It does create a third at ten which doesn't put you. Great of converting this. We've done it before. But I like taking those shots down the field. Loosen up that front seven a little well, the big key here is you've got to protect shape Patterson on this third and ten. He's in the shotgun. Higgins to his left three receivers split left. Screen out wide. It's Nico Collins. And he fights his way down inside the forty five to the forty one yard line. They needed to get to the thirty.

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