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Kiev today hurricane maria hit on september 20th as of this recording we are ninety days in two this crisis um and so finally in november a couple months in prep are in the puerto rico energy commission they start soliciting ideas from the industry in and they say okay how can we rebuild the grid differently were still in like emergency mode and they're trying to repair many of these transmission lines and the distribution grid and there are a lot of unique challenges to puerto rico right now equipment constraints land uh issues that make a very difficult to repair these lines but they're starting to think about what comes next in that brings us to today so when the utility in the energy commission they asked for this plan for more resilient system eight yes stepped in and a s is this massive energy company that operates in seventeen countries it's very heavy in gas and coal but it is it is it's expanding quickly into renewables there're this pioneering company in energy storage they built some of the first grid connected battery plant in the us and there a dominant developer in the space so they'd been in puerto rico for a couple of decades and they own a five hundred and ten megawatt coal plant that provides about fifteen percent of electricity and just sitting there like with nowhere to send the power so a s steps up and they say rather them you know push more gas and coal which you know they still see as valuable in certain markets they're they're building they want to build this network system of regional mini grids would just solar and batteries because they think it's the cheapest and most effective way to build back the grid she'll i think this is pretty remarkable do you do you think it's a like a remarkable milestone that this company's developing up a plan with only solar and storage i due to an.

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