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Tonight show is terrifying. The little girl saying that Momo talks tour is it was just too much. Let's go to Brian in Florida hybrid ground zero. Hey, how you doing good? Today. I was watching with my daughter. She's three years old octa, not Disney show about basically these underwater people who go on to say in creatures and stuff like that. I used to watch a big take with her. But after watching your show back in August. I don't way that show anymore. So usually like look for. Thing that I've been through you know, with kids you watch stuff like five hundred times. So I take the normal ones that we play. No sitting there watching it with her. And then the algorithm started to change. And then we started to get commercials for like. Girls. Etter twelve thirteen fourteen years old per like lime kits where you take it apart and there's prizes in it. And of course, I wasn't really cool with what figuring work because it was figuring and actually the young girl that was set up and it was in like set of daisy to captain uniform. You know, then the figuring that she busted out had like inappropriate dress for a woman in general, in my opinion. And then if flipped over and at the end of each awkward show, they do a creature report, which usually the show is about one particular creature, and then they show like the creature and what it's about and they get like a definition of it. And and what specific traits are. They were them flipped over into this. Where did nothing but Crete reports for twenty minutes, a twenty minute video of that? And my daughter picked up on. And she goes there's something wrong with the keeps on doing creature reports. Well, as it was flipping through the commercial came on for a lady screaming and the lady was screaming bloody murder, and it was a like an advertisement for like a horror flicks. Went ahead and turned it off. So this is because a continuous play. She was getting this type of shooting algorithm. The algorithm was pushing this actually a sex child. It also a woman screaming in horror film. Yeah. And if you kind of look at it from a different angle from spiritual angle. You got the year of the pig. You've got a pig hosting all this stuff. You've got all this stuff going on with these eggs right now. And you also, you know, when you go back to Texas, and you look at pigs. It's a big like signed for demonic activity. Right. When Jesus cast the demon into the pig or the demons into the of the legion, and they drown. And yeah, I forgot it is is the year of the pig. We did a whole show about the dark pig and the dark pig prophecies. Now, Pepe pig is the focus of Momo returning. This demon from the internet, I call the internet goule, certainly certainly measures up to being up for kids. And it certainly demonstrating that something is wrong with YouTube now, many people said, well, it's a hoax, but you know, there's plenty of video if you look hard enough that has been caught in shown of of the scary lady as Bella said, the scary lady with big is screaming saying that she talks to children and that she will harm families or kill kill families. If they lie and see that's a little girl saying that it will kill your family. If you lie. So obviously, whatever. Komo said to her said that said the, you know talking to little children telling him, I will kill your family if they lie. I really think this is a big wake up call for us because we've been going through all this stuff for years. And now, we have the, you know, some stuff coming up in congress with whether or not you can actually till tiled after it's been born. Yup. Remember, y'all wait y'all we ask people to repent over and over and over again, that's sacrificing their children to demonic idol. Eventually he said, hey, this is what you want. I'll give it to you. And then he gave it to him full-fledged. And then all the demons came in. They took everything over and then everybody was involved, man. You had so many terrifying. Pictures of of the demons, the pigs and think about this. What did Lilith look like, you know, she was a hag once again the hag factor. This is a hag it's on the internet that scaring little children. Usually the hag comes at night. Like a like, a suck you bus and sits on your chest. This is again part of the pig writing the hag or the hag writing the pig. This is exactly what you're painting here. And I think it's amazing dot connecting. It's really terrifying. I think we need to personally as whatever whatever you believe. And you wanna protect your family and stuff you need to stay off of these three entities Instagram Facebook and YouTube because those three are interconnected right now. And then we remember back that Facebook had.

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