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Now i'm jealous even though we're not supposed to do this so pitcher's hand with a big old fucking line keeping this poor thing backyard. Down the street from the dmv. Yeah i don't know if you guys know a lot about panama but if you have a couple extra bucks you can kind of do what you want interesting. This is not like a sanctuary people. Talk a lotta shit about these third world place. how bad it is to be poor. You have to eat off thunder but super awesome to be rich. Oh yeah oh yeah and you'll never get a dui and your entire fucking your as many can learn the blind absolutely. We put that picture back up. Look at the chain on this animal. You gotta keep chain online lamp. Core doesn't work that way. Yeah so i don't know when roberto duran's lion die and you must have had a name to probably something good. The name is walla walla on wwl la All right don't know when when walla die them silicon i. I don't know if they make it for forty years. I don't know what a lion's shelf life is. But he had him since. The line was a cub. Well if a domestic cat tops out at at tops at twenty and is a giant cat. I would say maybe sixteen or something because it's feeling like they live long live long. That's my feeling. But i don't know thirty forty. The government forced him to put wallow in zoo all the panama. Now when did they do that. Unclear that it just happened. When did while it di- it's probably after the no moss fight honeymoon's over. Yeah and and that. How long do lines live on average. I'll let out in the wild all right or an zoo because this wasn't began. All right what are you bring home thirty years in captivity fifteen or thirty years wild however captivity can be as long as thirty. Don't get eaten okay. I'm gina grad and. That's the news heroes. Don't do that. That was the news with gene. Grad larry's j. b. weld j. b. weld world's strongest bond pros of trusted for over fifty years but why higher pro when You.

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