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In my class had almost four hundred yuck seven hundred your class was a public school so i was a public school to noble somos bigger got north south east west to just north and south but no mineresistant a local bar we didn't like right on terada says the other building i always thought newton should combine the two high schools so they could be really good sports that was my dream that's not for education to dan's about that i want the really good sports teams so we usually christian i've always a big hit everybody goes up no no did you show up wearing a baseball cap bar it was not to one table dressed up or anything ravages and maldon by the way that's closed now too so closes things i'm kinda nervous to come wash over here from the reason is one of the kids that went to say the bartender there also good deal is part of our class so we went there the deal yeah no our class isn't big enough like rent out a hall or get all fancy dressed up or anything like that it was going to happen lying i went to high school with which is scary been fifty nine people that died from my one not that old no seven hundred keeling over a lot to die hiv back in the eighties because i graduated eightyone and hiv started to really yeah i know this is this there's only thirty nine of mike class left all to thirty nine forty of the people that died one of the kids necklace unfortunately liam sink clemens style thanks for say something happy you don't will do why don't we take a break we'll get the show back on track a couple of minutes tries but then we'll talk about someone who's clearly off track rob gronkowski what the hell's he up to the draft is a couple of days away we'll talk.

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