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Q pride parades in the world. When the event unfolds next month, organizer's want the NYPD to stay one block away from the march. Co chair of the parade. Andre Thomas explained the request to let an outside group do. The job of security was undertaken by the organization to put in place as a buffer between a community who feels a sense of safety. Or uncomfortable when they see officers in uniform, especially trans people of color. This is NPR news. In Arizona, where a private partisan audit of the 2020 election results is underway. Maricopa County Recorder's Steven Richards says a charge by former President Trump At the county deleted a voting databases. Quote, unhinged, richer, a Republican heads the Arizona County Elections Department he's calling on Trump and others to cease their unfounded accusations surrounding the presidential election vote count. After two year restoration, Rare medieval shrine and a British cathedral re opens to the public. Today, Vicki Barker reports from London that it includes one very topical addition, Restoration of the shrine of ST Amphipolis in ST Albans Cathedral outside London, began in June. 2019. In addition to preserving the surviving 14th century carvings, the RESTORES also had to reconstruct missing sections of the stonework. They were allowed to use their imagination at When the pandemic delayed their project. The carvers responded by depicting one of the figures in a face mask. Cathedral spokesman calls it a reminder that the history of ST Albans stretches forwards as well as backwards for NPR news. I'm Vicki Barker in London. A tiger that was famously lost in Houston has now been found alive and, well, police. Had been looking for the nine month old Bengal Tiger after was spotted several days ago wandering through a neighborhood, authorities say. Ultimately, the owner delivered the Tiger two huge Houston police last night. Tiger is going to an animal sanctuary in Texas. I'm Louise Schiavone. NPR NEWS Washington Support for NPR comes from NPR stations. Other contributors include Proquest, whose website Black Freedom struggle in the U. S. Curates 2000. Documents related to the fight for civil and Human rights, open to all at proquest dot com slash go slash black freedom. On the next fresh air failure and dysfunction at the U. S Secret Service reporter Carol Lin Egg talks about understaffing, low morale and other issues at the agency. When a man with a knife jumped the White House fence in 2014..

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