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To tell you this type intensity urgency the way the Tigers have swung the bats tonight. Only three hits on the board will not bode well this weekend in starkville. To one delivery on its way to GO swigging, a mess. Another fastball down a away, and it's two and two. Garza's stands on deck. Jio awaits to two on its way outside in the dirt. Fills the count three balls two strikes to Jacob tonight with a base it one of three that came back in the second inning. Caught looking in the fifth and earned a walk last time in the seventh inning was left stranded. So with one down and a payoff pitch coming from well Dion, the freshman, and he'll step off the rubber. Here's time is called. Here's the payoff pitch on its way missing loan outside and geo once again earns his second walk in fact, back advance. Tigers never runner aboard with one out. Sowell Garza coming to the plate. Cars over two on the night. Cars hit into a double play in the second hit by pitch in the fifth and flied out to center. His last time up in the eighth inning. First pitch inside corner called strike its own one. I'm also big swing here. The Giacomo of big lead off of I. The.

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