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Number five for Florida State. Michigan scored seven on the first four. You could probably say that that was headed that way probably would have been headed right our way. If we have been in India, That's right. I said Davis, the one to bring it past the center line, after some pressure on Smith, Scottie Barnes on him, Smith giving up almost a foot in that matchup, Smith left wing Michigan by three around Davis hedge and there's a whistle and a foul coming on Florida State. Raekwon Gray was holding in basketball He was holding in football He was holding in any sport imaginable there. It's a foul in Florida State already there. Six. Yeah, I'm not sure what he sees. I mean, you see palms up my great saying, Hey, I didn't do anything. Nothing happened here. But like you say, I don't care what that is you You're playing football that's holding all day Long. Baseline left. Brooks High Arc er left wing to Wagner Wolverines by 3 12 30 to play here in this first half. Round right wing shut off on a drive. Now the Wagner over to the left side. Smith 10 on the time or nothing on the inside for Michigan is Smith Backpedals uses a Davis screen stutter steps left point. He'll step back for a three and knock it down. Mike Smith dreams the triple in Michigan's up by a game high six. And there's one player that couldn't wait to this day Came this Mike Smith. He was kind of disappointed kind of down on himself, By the way, he kind of finished that game, the last game out against ls you but right now. He's got to go. Right Wing Osborne Long on a three. Wagner gobbles up the rebound. His third Michigan by six here, Smith at the free throw line bobbles, but we gathers no slowly trotted back out to the center circle. Look over his head Coach two on Howard and get into an offensive set. Requests the screen. He'll get one from Davis a few seconds later. Here's Smith to the point. Now left wing Bonder feed It left quarter. Brown Quick Trigger three to make Michigan starting to sizzle from deep They're up 17 8 ball..

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