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Because i think he's got like big time sleeper potential. The other guys that are buying them. There are some that are like that. Coal commit fits that profile. Maybe sickie fits that profile. A little bit But there's there's also logan thomas in this tier crockett's in this year guys. That are just you know. Maybe they get you close to ten. P p r points more often than not nothing sexy. Nothing fun but something someone. That'll help your. Help pad your stats. A little bit. With the occasional touchdown mixed in or in the case of grog. That's how he's going to get. The majority of his points. Here is via touchdowns so maybe a couple of weeks this year. He'll have like five catches to go along with it a couple things well and i actually have. Oj howard overgrown. He was better last year when they were both healthy. And i think if he's if he's recovered his most certainly better athletes better downfield threat than broncos at this stage of their careers. I mean some people might say that at one point was most talented tight. End in football. Didn't say that. And is it time for the coal. Commit one positive one negative step that you created. I haven't done a good bad staffer. Cochabamba sure yes. Give me your one positive. One negative staffer combat the positive. When i think a lot of people have have said already if you look at the bears last six games including the playoffs. Yes the bears the playoffs last year. Coal commit out targeted jimmy. Graham thirty four to seventeen and that's fantastic like clear number one tied in for the bears in those last six games Unfortunately grand still in the team which is why that matters but should make you feel good be negative stats and those same six games. Graham scored fifty two point seven fantasy points. Commit scored forty three point two. Yeah he right. He had an eighteen percent target share. Which i think you'd take right. Oh dallas got her projected for right Was the i'm assuming of his touchdowns that made the difference in the pbr. Points it was partial. It was a lot of it was touchdowns. Most of it was touchdowns. Also though like jimmy graham was one of the least efficient tight ends to see as many targets as he did last year like six yards per target nine yards per reception. Really really awful stuff. Coal commit was worse than both roberta. Yeah okay that's that good. I think that what. I've noticed. I've given out these statistics on different shows but already said we've had surprise players in the top five three years in a row. We've had a number two tight end. Get into the top five and none of them had more than none of them. Had even six hundred yards as rookies. So it does happen and logan. Thomas wasn't a rookie. But he was top. Five and darren waller wasn't a rookie but he was top five two years ago and last year. Obviously so this is a position that gives you these nice surprises and targets to me. That is the most important thing almost every top. Five tight end over. The last five years has been first or second on his team in targets. I think the only exception was robert onion and he was three or four targets behind number two. So you've got to be among your target leaders and trautman. I don't know that he's going to be second. That's the thing but he could be third..

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