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Disastrous in. the labour. party's history when the results came in. It was instantly planed on brexit. Bush johnson's popularity and jomie corbin. But was there more to the story. Well listeners of the podcast. I've spent the last year. Travelling around england trying to answer that question in my new book broken heartlands. A journey through. Labor's lost england jim because great to chat about the book but if we just cast back stout twenty nineteen election. I remember so much time. We was second guessing what was going to happen because in twenty seventeen. We've all quite badly burned. We didn't see. Joe make opens big rise coming and all of our poulton travels and things we did made it think we was sure about twenty nineteen but when that was okay man. It was much bigger than we expected for the toys at a much. Bigger defeat for labor is one of curious things. Isn't it set what you spend a little time up in red world. The between nineteen a distinct trips. Our are being growth valley until to local labor activists. He said it's just a polling on the doorsteps. someone have been beaten up by former labor voter. They literally the morale had completely collapsed. As you say in your book those let them sent consensus of the stop of the election faustus. Six at one point but by the end of the campaign the tories were still eleven cents a head so it was not a surprise that they won. I just think in our reporting we have to be ready ready kosher because what happens. Take seventeen again. It just looks if threes night was gonna smash journey kubin and the cool sounds. Listeners will know things things tend not little differently so we we have to hedge up as a little bit. But i think if the wind was blowing very strongly a couple of months and i think we knew it was going to end up that way to something. That was something. Even you knew it was going to happen. I mean to some of the places. The world changed hands. Still hopes somehow Wakefield sticks to my mind which is the full chapter in my book. Because you go around on. Wakefield is going urban gritty place. It's also got quite a diverse population. And when you look at it it doesn't feel like a toy place yet. It fits the council of the red which is never having had a tour paying living memory of as strong brexit vote and always having consistent but never matt totally vote that. I think one of the things that we often get wrong all reporters. I tried to correct when. I spending more time in the book. Is you go to these places and go to the town. Centres and all town centers across england are struggling. They were before the pandemic and even more so now whereas in fact the real story of these places outside. It's in the out of town shopping parks. It's in the new private housing estates. And that's why you find why. I think the new toy vote has come. From as these towns have gone through deindustrialization. And the kind of what i call notebook collectivized communities. Have broken up being replaced by more individualistic society. I think it was the economists. the Britain wasn't it. I think you probably the festival. Second journalists used the redwood. Phrasing copy whitney. but it was james kennedy sarim. He was the costa who invented. Wasn't it has fest him in and help us with that was why was it. Him he was swayed than other analysts listened to united. So i'm james sold him. Who used to work in the city as a band. Kevin was committed to the posters populace and then went to work for ruth davidson on the twenty seventeen campaign for scores. Paula scores toys did really well and mutual contact. Said you should meet this guy. You're going to get on with him. And we went for drink and found out where the shed shadow of data because in past live performance kwa journalism is via computer scientists. And so have a kind of a notice love chewing over spreadsheets in that kind of thing and i remember it was a couple of months. I think it was about all twenty nineteen james cole. Me up and said you're going to want to see this. I've been doing numbers. And i think there's going to be a break selection. It could go really big at. He actually came into the f. T. with john bird. Macos all various esteemed staff. Scooby when a whole bunch of other people that including laugh. Who's now editor of the f. T. and he made this presentation made the Persuasive case breaks it was about to redraw the boundaries and these seats. The crucial thing about the red wohlers. He made the demographic augmented if one goes they. All go in a big pattern. That's off see what happened. All these teachers went again and again and again it wasn't just march. Not even that as you get the election the thing that was particularly persuasive about james case analysis of the situation is the he could see. The vote had been gathering steam over many years and in the twenty seventeen election when we will focus on kkob in fact he almost became prime minister. He pointed out the all. These you kip. Voters were going back home to the tools and if that happening as well as winning Votes from labor then so many of these seats could go. I think because it was based on demographic because it was based on electoral trends and also based on a particular form he did to identify the englishness of these places. With both from the northeast. I'm from rural. Finish on the notion. Mos- which is which has been very touring Lifetime sort of defies. This this can appreciate the south historian the notice it was always been laid. If you're from rural part of northern england they are very bright toured. the holly boat which is probably about thirty or forty miles wife. My parents that is somewhat which is is just heavy industry polls Muslim western class. I'll just just somewhere that you could not have imagine. Ten years ago that it would become conservative. And this is something quite joining bound. And i think the other part about Frequency back in the spring is an essay question guests steps book when he set up was probably can kiss on He lost bay. I think so most mutations. We need question. Hasn't it said which is is that more red will that labor can lose because we no longer have have defected We have an effective brexit. Proc- holly pouvoir so instinct. Because while i ended the book that actually spent some time with boris johnson and i described it as being with piper in the middle of a hurricane but hartlepool by election happened after joe coburn was no longer lead.

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