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Kimberly lease hugs danny glover when they first walk in right that's the only time we really can tell that they are at odds for like a for a reason for a reason other than just like they don't like each other warnings hold that they don't they were told that the always fight before we even see them yes it and we are also thought was good and in people always comment like even at one point monique goes and he do you guys are going to kitchen you know make something can you guys do that long enough without a killing each other like they kept right and air at which which i liked in the beginning of the movie because i felt like it was teasing up to a rethink yo of thing but then the revealed never fully came and that when the reveal happened i guess but it wasn't like a big enough thing to even understand you kind of just like oh i guess they just always just fight will also have you think about it in the air and some nasty stuff to each other and this tricky because this some of us not a competitors mood a sofu but in so food you realize that like there was a beef between vivica fox and um and vanessa williams indian you realize as the move goes on is that vivica fox is husband initially went on a date with a ness a way and and got caught cheating with vivica fox in like they got married and had kids in that was a life you always want it and so that so that is right and that's a huge as a huge thing and it's like oh yes orlando this is a level my live in a you cheat it but then i also did you cheat you fell in love and now i have to see this every day like data's a real thing whereas this movie it was so yeah me if i try yet and it only talked about a really after they get to the hospital at the very end of the movie which is in the last thirty minutes in his counter like.

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