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Back now on caught offside that some guest listed burnt Leno has he's gonna talk Ted Danson on his his talk show. Would you watch the burnt Leno show? Oh, absolutely. With the guest list of Ted Danson and Danny Welbeck's. Who wouldn't by the way, I'm glad you're embracing the joy of these of these musical beds. We've got this whole new world opened up to us now that was good. Enjoy that. Well, I think it's going to overshadow my Jackson Pollock peace everywhere. Let's see. I guess we'll use that as a reason to mention arsenal and their destruction of Fulham, five one. While we're talking about burnt Leno, this is kind of our first real look at him in for arsenal in a league fixture. I mean, what do you think. Any any review of him is this is better check, never gonna, get his job back. Can we tell such thing from one game? You can't tell anything from that one game? Yeah, all awards. Say was that you ask a great question about arsenal is the only question coming out of this game. I want you to ask, well, they've won nine straight across all competitions. They haven't had a winning run like that in eleven years more than a decade. So the question that has to be asked whether or not you believe it's real or if you believe it's fool's gold. I can't say it's food gold, but I don't believe it's really it on. I don't believe it's real from a number of angles. Arsenal were brilliant counterattacking. They took their goal superbly lack Zet like we've been calling out for when he's in that team. He is. He is electric right now, and I liked the way the team is set up the way it's linked together, but they are still giving up huge amount of chances. And if you want the x g some from that game, Mike, Kelly put up powered by op too. It's one point four to one point, six. The score was five one, but they still give up that amount shots that amount chances and you're thinking against the team with more confidence and inform you be extremely worried. Like how I know Andrea surely took his goal extremely well. But Andrew, it was a misplaced pass at the fullback position. And the next thing the hold of that defense. Opened up. That is not a good sign. Yeah. Arsenal had one of the prettiest team goals of the season in this game or GIS, and one of the best finishes of the season as well, the iron Ramsey goal and the build up to that goal was just for beginning to end it was great. So you know nine row is not. I know you said you're not ready to make any declared a statement, and I get that. That's probably like the level-headed way of approaching it. But I think you have to start. We've been so used to looking at them as like for lack of a better term. I don't mean to offend every arsenal fin out there, but they've kind of been a joke over the last couple years in not necessarily the way they played, but just like they became very arsenal. As we said, just like you, you knew where it was all headed the Vangere cloud that was over it. So I think that we kinda just got used to look at them as like this is steamed club, you know. And now all of a sudden here they are under this new manager and they're back to winning again, right? But they in even those kind. Of shall we say, barring years, even though they did have EFI cope wins. Even in those Byron years, they were capable of putting good runes together. And I'm obviously not as good as this as you've pointed out, but Andrew, Fulham at twenty wounds shots. Arsenal had nine Fulham only had foreign target. Arsenal had seven. You see what's happening here. You're right. A lot of the chances that arsenal took their chances and by the way the possession stats fifty, two percent for arsenal, forty percent for Fulham. I'm just not ready to go all in on the yet. I totally seen the scoreline does not tell the story of the game. Yeah, but it's more than that. They're still certain are Sinali deficiencies in that back four that I'm still Nolting that haven't been addressed..

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