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Her. She's apologetic. She gets to it. And guess what? The drinks spill drinks landed on Doug Parker. The CEO of American who happened to be on the floor, spilling drinks on someone alone is just mortifying. It's your boss. Yeah. The guy who runs the airline. Yeah. That syllabi racing. But you know, it kinda ended up. Okay. So I'm just texting back and forth as as we read this. My daughter works for American and she says that she's met Doug Parker, and he's a really really nice guy. And that's what Maddy says she says, she was mortified she cleaned up. She went to the back, and he. He actually came back to the back of the plane to make sure she was doing. Okay, said are you? All right. It's okay. It's no big deal. And snapped a photo with her. She on Instagram said, he was a super good sport. And as a matter of fact, then after the flavors who's getting off the plane. He told her that he'd never forget her. Oh. I'm sure that made her feel really nice always getting remember spill drinks when you think of me now. But how embarrassing that he's good? You know, what this is a good way? Good little PR moment to the CEO is nice. Mishap that happens in real life. And you know, he said he went out of her way three times on the flight to make sure she was I really liked that it is for thirteen on WTMJ. It's bucks. It's celtics. It's two games here then off to Boston treading because Nerik from Milwaukee works in Boston NBC sports. She will join us with the Celtics point of view, right after Greg Maddux sports, which is in one minute. Welcome back to ask hassles..

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