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Bring your ms veith hey thanks for sticking around we had a lot of fun recording this annual episode well the one year birthday episode of houston we have a podcast and i'm glad i got to sit with my team and really thinks to alex for sticking with me through the whole thing and dealing with with all my crap she's sitting right next to me constantly bugging her every single week hey is the transcript ready hey is episode ready so it's a it's been quite a ride and then dan just helping out the from start to finish just making sure that it's successful all the way through so also one thing i forgot to mention during the episode was a huge thanks to nasa in silicon valley podcast for friends over at ames whenever we were starting the podcast i kinda didn't really understand fully how to do it the nasa way and they already have there's established saw actually talking with that buffington and jerry colon some of those guys out there to understand just how do you do this and they were very helpful along the way so thanks guys if you're listening really appreciate your help you can go listen to them that's nessa in silicon valley the ways you can listen to gravity assist that's our other nasa podcast out at headquarters and hopefully we'll have a couple more coming because really digging the hole podcast scenes here at nasa so otherwise you can go to nasa dot gov slash is asked to get the latest information on the international space station if you noticed through all of our fifty two episodes a lot of them have been directly related to some of the research and and the people actually that actually go and work on the international space station so so you can learn a lot there we are still taking hashtag asked nasa questions so use that hashtag and then just make sure to mention houston we have a podcast and we'll bring your questions or ideas right on the show we even said you know we the spacesuit episode and and the and the beam episode there's been a couple of there's two that were directly influenced space medicine the one with natasha cho astronaut health that was another one hey i wanna learn what a flight surgeon does we're like okay let's bring around so yeah all of these were suggestions from you guys the listeners that we brought right on the show so just make sure to mention he's we have a podcast and and we'll make more episodes i mean we we do this every week so the more you give the more we can do really appreciate you guys listening to it really means a lot to us to help us to keep going so this birthday episode was recorded on june twentieth twenty eighteen thanks to kelly humphries pat ryan bill stafford patent bill we had actually had in the room with us during the recording they're essential to the group right now and also greg weisman who is also been helping out you know thought when the audio wizard is not here greg greg comes and he's just greg we have audio wizard and greg thanks always to alex perryman dan hewitt and then thanks to you for listening and hoping with the success of the podcast the helps us to keep going we'll be back with a brand new episode next week

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