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Of course, comcast owns NBC's so that Makes Sense Cox cable will have it on their boxes. Well, peacock does not look like it. We'll have apps on Roku or fire. TV. That is similar to HBO Max which Launched Without Apps for Roku or fire TV as well. One of the main sticking points for both HBO Max and Peacock have been that. Roku Amazon wants to continue to sell these channels as add ons to their own APPS. The ROKU has a roku channel and of course Amazon has prime video. Add ONS would mean sharing more revenue, but also sharing the subscriber relationship, peacock and Hbo Max to control both of those Roku. Amazon also ask partners for ad inventory and a commitment to spend money on their platforms to market. And that's the amount that they want to. Spend is also in contention so I mean if anything, this just points out that streaming time has come because you've got the platform saying we have the leverage, you have to give us a sweetheart deal for revenue sharing, and we want to have a part in the subscriber relationship, and make it really easy for people where the platforms themselves like peacock and Hbo Max. Want to control everything themselves. They do not want to give over that revenue, and that's subscriber relationship to Roku Amazon. Yeah I mean if there were. Back in the day when Hulu launched, for example, you know, and you know when like is this kind of work is just going to work well. Yeah, I mean it's it's changed. It's it's taken on many forms, but the whole streaming model does work. How many of these remodels are going to survive? Though not all of them? Just not possible. People just aren't going to pay that kind of money, so yeah, it really comes down to a an. NBC saying with Peacock. This is what we want and you know companies like Amazon and Roku, saying this is how you're going to win and GonNa win by playing Nice with us and not every company's doing that. Roku Amazon have forty million. So or so? People so they feel like. If if you want to survive, not even win. If you WANNA survive out there, really You need to be on our platform. We feel like we have the upper hand in the and these these folks like Peacock Hbo Max are saying we are not going to give in from the beginning. We don't want to start with a bad relationship just to get distribution. We feel like people will WANNA. Watch the things on. On our platform, and if you don't have them, you will suffer. It's it's exactly the thing that happens with cable TV disputes. It's happening for streaming, and and in a world where people do have more choice so with cable TV couldn't easily go somewhere else to find your TV subscription with this situation. If you don't like the fact that Roku doesn't have peacock, you can switch to apple, TV or using your xbox that you do have more choices. Scientists from North Carolina State University and Microsoft will present a study at the..

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