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It ask us the clothing food pharmacy different than a food pantry. She seemed food as medicine that's food pharmacy director, Dr SABA cons. She says nutritionist involved with the pharmacy, not only be distributing healthy food. But also looking at some of the social determinants of health of their patients sleeping talking the talk for a while. And then we're looking as to why patients aren't having good health outcomes. It's because we're not looking deep enough. Brooke bell is a mom whose family is one of the first to participate in shops food lab program. She says folks are forced to make cheaper poorer choices when the budget doesn't stretch to cover food for the whole month. But she points out. There was a time when her family was doing just fine. But then when my husband got cancer that is like crazy, and what people don't understand is how you get to this point St Louis makes you liquidate everything you have then you can apply for medical and food stamps at the shops specialty care site. Hadas Kuznits, KYW NewsRadio manual report card gives the NFL mixed grade for diversity in its hiring practices. The NFL gets an a minus for racial hiring practices only a Seon gender for an overall be Richard lap. Jack heads the institute for diversity and ethics in sport at the university of central Florida. He says the season started with a record number of head coaches of color. They had eight which would be in the category itself. Of course, it was graded right now, it'd be substantially less than that. Because five were eventually fired could very well be cycle that. Isn't going to be noteworthy over longer time lab? Chick says the league is far ahead of its teams for both race and gender in high level front office hires. Peter King CBS news Orlando at three twenty five type for money. News on KYW with Bloomberg's Jeff Bellinger, stocks are mixed in the final hour of trading. The Dow Jones industrials are up one hundred twenty five points or half a percent twenty four thousand five twenty nine. The NASDAQ is down eighteen points. A quarter percent the S and P five hundred is down. Just one point. Proctor and gamble. Shares. Are higher PNG reported strong quarterly sales every segment of its business except grooming. It blames the popularity and staying power of beards for that. Comcast quarterly results. Top Wall Street estimates strengthened the company's high speed internet service offset a decline in pay TV subscribers workers wages increased three point four percent. Over the last year. According to a new report from ADP. The report says the average wage rose to twenty. Eight dollars six cents an hour pay for workers and education health services and trade saw some of the biggest games the.

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