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Knowing that it's george romero's loss chapter It's so it's a difficult task. And i am prepared to hold onto it. I'm not. I will not sell my soul for this film. I will always protect it. And and as far as i'm concerned it's nothing until it's something. But i did want the world to know that it existed though like i did want people to know that the last chapter is there And it's important that they know that it exists. But i also think that the fans are with me and support the fact. I'm going to be very careful with us. So i know i yeah. I know i'm right there with you. And i think i can speak for a lot of fans saying you know what we appreciate that because it would be really just go. Here's the script. Go make it. And i get bought off You know i got a c a producer credit who cares big deal and all of a sudden the it's trash it's garbage and i will have sold out romero and It's never in a million years is not going to happen so so for me. It's it's just sitting there and you know. And when paolo and joe netter powell's alati jonet netter wrote the script it was it was dark. It's dark piece for sure. Obviously as you can imagine and You know i kept saying boys boys. Give me give me some light. Give me something so they so they did. You know 'cause. It was so dark that i thought you know who's gonna wanna sit in a theater for two hours or an hour and a half and and just you know so so they gave me a little gamy a little light but it's definitely a dark piece It's georgia's treatment Has stories you know. He noodled it for Bunches of times coming back to it and But they of course finished it like dan kraus did the living dead. The book Same thing george you know had worked on it intermittently for years and you know and when somebody passes all this work is still there right so you need to see if somebody can knit something Together to let people know or have them exposed to some of the lost pieces of work. That george date. Well i appreciate you spending time here on the show to talk about your late husband and talk about the foundation and your work. This really meant a lot to me when you agree to do this. So i cannot thank you enough. I pleasure my pleasure. Thank you and i definitely will definitely get the word out on anything that comes out regarding twilight and of course for everybody listening again. It's the george. George romero foundation dot. Org is where you can go. Mrs premier thank you so much for for spending time here on the program. Oh you're welcome my pleasure pleasure. I player as i put this interview to rest. I you know there are very few times on his program. Where i'm where i've been really kind of speechless. I think i am right now. this really meant a lot to me that mrs romero did this interview for me like so many of you out there. That are fans of the great filmmaker. Jorge romero and he was a great filmmaker. Anytime we can get more information on the man and his work. It's just fantastic. And to have his widow here to to spend this time to talk about it really just is just incredible and i greatly appreciate suzanne romero of taking the time to do this. I'm i'm absolutely. I'm blown away But i'm also really sad. When i heard her say that george said no one really cares about his legacy and and that had a real impact on me during that interview also still does to think that someone who was so talented and who did so much for the genre as well as for those of us that were spiring filmmakers for him to think that no one cared just just. It just hurts. I dunno and i'm so thankful that mrs romero's out there Keeping his legacy alive and it's and it's alive not only through the foundation. It's alive through every one of us that have been influenced by him in some way or another. You know even when you have people like tom. Savini out there still working and doing things and you see interviews with all the different actors and actresses that have been in his movies. It's just you know it's one of those things where it's so easy to forget. The past is so easy for us to discard history. And it's one of those things that just if there's something that really kind of just irks me that Because history is the foundation of the future and jorge romero in this case as a filmmaker as a contributor to the harsh. Honora is a major part of that foundation. And i've been fortunate enough for most of my life to have him making movies. The only movie that he made before i was born was nine living dead. That was barely before i was born. So have this man making these movies in my lifetime. I feel very honored. Just as i'm honored to have had. This is romero on the program as well. I'm going to just wrap it up there my friends so there you have it again if you to get in touch with me through slasher. The show is available at the handle at graveyard show. Podcast is where you can find me. I'm going to kind of digest all this because this is as i mentioned at the top. This is just a lifelong thing for me with george romero and the associated with this show. So i'm gonna take a breath. I'm going to calm myself and just kind of absorb this. And i'm very thankful for this interview and this show and i wanna thank all of you out there for listening and if you wanna send in thoughts comments suggestions you can also reach me the email. Gyn podcast Gyn podcast at dot com. Course find the graveyard show. Podcast on apple podcasts. Spotify iheartradio everywhere. Podcasts exist and you have youtube channel. Graveyard shows podcasts. What go out and celebrate. Jorge romero go watch any of his movies. You can start with the amusement park on shudder. If you haven't if you don't have shudder nine living dead you can find of course Martin season of the witch. All his movies now a night riders. They're all available now so go find a shout. Tv has night riders. And it's free. I believe so. You can watch it there. If you've never seen it before all right my friends enjoy your summer. We will reconvene in july and as you exit the graveyard. I would like to remind you. Please locked the gate behind you. We wouldn't want anyone to get out sir. Thank you george..

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