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You fucking look unique. Get together like yeah yeah o._j. We gave o._j._t. You got a long time. Solve the racial draft of dave dave spill ah we gave your o._j. And we kept vanilla ice and that was the trade off is is baby trade o._j. And condoleeza rice and vanilla ice dave y'all anybody you wanna take her hands yeah and what's that that other one nine who they're black girl run around always though you can have to who can we have. Oh you young keeps me. We will take it for cash. Considerations kid yeah. Just give us a casket from walmart this. I'll i'll casket from while you know while marseille cask denied no all marcel my my cousin freeman my cousin boo. I took you suffering and got a casket in his basement. So when somebody died and i'm sure he ritu casket funeral they'll go back and get his casket back when they put joe asking their box. That's a good fucking. That's some good money. He leases out a casket. He bought yeah walmart and they walmart right delivered to your door. Googly chris walmart sale caskey. I've seen the caskets on the walmart website. Yeah yeah so. I don't have a minimum our are. You can't try them out before you buy guided jingo fit this man. He got like two three selection in his his basement. So if you ever if you don't have no insurance and you need a casket just to show he ran them out. That's a fucking business. Think about call. One funeral can pay for cam warm. Funeral can pay for the caz. The cats don't like five hundred dollars so you charge them of. I'm lonely this casket for your baby for to get up out of it today. I said what do they do after that. That's your problem. It's like ooh. I get you to the destination. I don't help you through the dope. He's got lubar caskets like no l. Money make no money. There's been a lot of shit on this podcast fucking get s._s._i. B.'s okay okay and and he will reach you the casket and fucking due to food for the few he will go pick up the church in catering come on foot rubs. I don't know how to make no money right. We know that we didn't put a catering and caskets together as you. That's what if if your friend won't like extra pillows it come with extra pill and he fucking dry cleaned all the linen out. The each barrier good head upgraded service. You have no stain cast and you ain't gonna pay. They don't put the casket in the ground can't cast i will everybody's the cemetery was he just flip. The body out began you back food at the house i know how do they get the body. Out of the casket at a lamb did a family family lead. They put the family they box inside. The whole is about is a casket about the concrete box out. No been one is celebration time she's ever been to into a cemetery. Just now getting yeah fuck that gray free. You ain't never gave it up in a weird place. Chris no would nobody will let me know never did it at the park in the back of the church in the fucking cherish bathroom no but i'm sure my buddy will let me if i if i ask them nicely the buddy the guy from atlanta. I asked open gotham allowing give chris collin. He wanna fuck in the bottom of the church. I used to jerk off in church all the time in the bathroom sensical comedy lab black church to be jacking off in my friend's finger girl in the church fan wants. Hey you jag enough kevin black church. I say you don't put that ugly as in a black usher hit you too. Oh yeah they're gonna want ten percent of whatever comes out better. They say meet me in the bathroom. Is she old enough. They'll say meet me thrown. Pastors have gotten in trouble for there was a group of passes passes..

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