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In a being cross-platform and it works brilliantly off on Linux and I've used it for several years now and it frustrates me. No end that sort of the monoculture that has developed within the Linux Community. Where if you speak to anyone about video editors, they just say Caden live. And the conversation ends shortcut is fantastic. Shortcut is the reference implementation of the MLT engine. Which took All the open source video. Editors use, Dan dennedy, who is behind MLT and shot. Cut has a decade-long standing in the video off position and video editing industry. And I think more people should take a serious look at shortcut because it's an outstanding video, editor, it renders the output faster than any of the open-source. And some of the commercial offerings on Linux. It has Hardware accelerated timeline scrubbing when the effects and transitions are in a bold. It's a first class video editor. Hm, definitely worth the look. It's absolutely fabulous. In my opinion. I do find it, amusing that you call it a monoculture in tons of this video. This is when there are just so many of them but I I get it. Most people will say Caden live, if you ask for a video and it's a speaking of editors Mark Walsh, Second one, my second one is sound converter,.

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