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To prove, because the suspect is still on the loose, and by the way, I should point out anyone with information is urged to contact the Milwaukee police Department. Because an innocent man lost his life for whatever reason, whether it was he was talking to a guy insulted the guy on the bike or whether the guy just you know who knows why people kill I am I am racking my brain to try to figure out some reason why someone would shoot a man in front of his store. At 12 55 on Thursday afternoon. Let's go to Ah, Bob from the Wisconsin Conservative Digest prominent conservative figure as well. How you doing, Bob? Long time? No spooning great when I'm disgusted with our people in Wildwood codes, So we got a bunch of really It's a small group of really nutty people that came in from Milwaukee when they allowed those People to move out and what they're doing, libeling this kid. Is going to cost us millions of dollars in lawsuits because he's obviously did all these things in defense. But the rat the really bad guys are. First of all, Mayfair is in charge of security. The next thing is, while what coach is in charge of security. What kind of security do they have that forces young cops in the situations where they have to kill people? That's what's the problem. Somebody should have asked this a long time ago. The first time that this happened, they should've revised all of their security and the way they handled it and everything because they did dope out its defense. Well, they did. I mean, in fairness they've for years now. What was it? 2014 2015. They instituted the curfew policy that I mean, without having armed security guards. Really? What can you do? You see a mall Security guard on do they still ride around on the Segways? Most of the time. They're not really imposing figures, so I don't know if it's totally fair to blame all security. But you are right in that. There have been escalating incidents of what was known a few years ago is wiling out where kids would just kind of run in. That's what instituted the security protocols and the curfew in the first place. They just make a mess on the stores and things It might be, though I think asking a little bit too much of mall security when they're just totally overwhelmed. Really. The only thing they could do is call in the police. I think what what might and this would never fly in Wauwatosa. And I feel bad for you, Bob. I know you live in what? What was that? This would never fly with your common council and with your mayor, But what might make sense is having a more permanent presence of the Wauwatosa Police Department inside them, What when and if we ever fully open up after the Corona virus pandemic? Well, if it doesn't If you don't get decent security, it's gonna go the way of Northridge. That's and that's that is what I worry about. Thanks. So much for the call Bob Bob is hosting his annual chicken burn. Next month, and I just hung up on him. I wish I would have got all of his emails. Where again. It's just a great event for conservatives. Tommy Thompson speaks the former governor. I was M C. It was either last year or the year before. Unfortunately, I'm out of town the weekend that the chicken burn is going on. I believe it's my son's birthday weekend, so we're going to try to take a little road trip for him. But Bob in the Wisconsin Conservative Digest, always do great work and trying to get the grass roots out. I just I'm not sure you can really blame. Mall security. Because, really, they're only power is to sort of talk to people and say, Hey, stop loitering, or I'm gonna call the cops when you had and the incident in February. Was so out of control. It was just a mass. I mean, you were talking 40 50 people. Involved in this brawl. But Bobby is right. I mean, what kills them all. First of all, I do believe that most malls are probably going the way of Northridge. Eventually you saw Bayshore Town Centre. It basically had to change the way it operates and what you're seeing now, Mohr and MME. Or are these giant arcades that sort of Dave and Buster's model that are moving into the massive Macy's that are vacating or Cole's South Ridge has one. I think it's called, like nine round or something like that. That's sort of the model. I think Brookfield Square has. It's what is it Whirly Ball where it's almost like Polo, Where you playing bumper cars? It sounds really fun. I've never done it. But this is sort of the new model..

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