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Or g'kar were every penny goes to the fight. We move on to the news that full house actress Lori Laughlin was released from prison after serving two months for her involvement in the college admissions bribery scandal. Wall Street Journal National reporter Jennifer Love It's delved into that case in her book to the Lori Laughlin News is just kind of interesting because she's out and I was thinking a little bit about her coming out. People are chatting about it. I'm happy to see that lady working again. But it did remind me of The book That wasn't about Lori Laughlin per se, but general Jennifer Love It's his book. She's The Wall Street Journal National Reporter on she co authored a book called Unacceptable Privilege, Deceit. The masking of the college admissions scandal. If you think the Laughlin story is interesting because she's famous, and she and her husband, you know, tried to pull strings and use their influence, and Lord knows their money to get their kids into school. If you think that's kind of an intriguing story, that's nothing Compared to some of the other stories. In fact, the main story about the mastermind of this all We talked about this a few months ago when the book came out and Jennifer's back on a phone line this morning, I Jennifer, welcome back to the show. How are you? Good morning. Good to be here. Thanks for having me. You know, everybody comes out with their best of lists at the end of the year. And if you just want to read a current event book that is a page Turner and has so many details that you kind of You just don't know, because none of us have done the work. So we know about this thing, but we don't know some of the intrigue some of the fascinating details what it was like in the living rooms of these families. Making these decisions read unacceptable. It is just a terrific book. I'm a big fan of what you did this year. Jennifer Well, thank you. I really appreciate it. It's done. It was. It was just We were learning as you're going. We're covering this case, and there was so much in the court files, but we wanted to dig and find out. Why would so many people get on board with this cross the line? You know, they were already pretty well situated people onboard. How did this happen? What made them do this? You know, people who had probably never had a brush with the law was suddenly felons. What's your answer to that? I mean, now that the dust has settled, was there some common trait? What happened here? I think there there There was a few different different scenes that emerged. A big one was was really, um you know, status and the idea that they had been moving in the very Elite circles of for long time very you know, great private schools and just the best situation for their kids. And they got to college application time, which everyone knows is completely stressful. Um, and they realize that they want to shoo in for for many of these schools. They weren't just gonna get in. They were kind of being told. No, you're probably gonna have to go with Plan B. It's really everyone knows. It's super competitive Now for kids, they're applying too many schools and their kids were really no different in that regard. Um They? Along comes Rick senior who is someone who can take that stress away and say, Look, you know I have a guarantee, and I think for people who were stressed And had, um, insistence on sort of a very certain brand name of school. It was just for some parents. Uh, it was just, um you know, they just couldn't resist. And maybe the greater crime. If you will, wasn't the parent who signs on because he comes at them as a tutor with a key, he says. Tell me if my recollection is correct if your son or daughter is willing to be on the rowing team. The rowing team needs a player. I could get you to Stanford on the rowing team or two. You know, Princeton on the lacrosse team. That would be a good example. But you get the point. So the parents as well Hey, Bobby, Let's Let's sign up for that when you get to school and will not now here's the crime. We're going to dummy up a photo of you on our current lacrosse or soccer team or whatever, but But it was the coaches and these admissions people that were really complicity. None of this happens without that, right. That's right. That's right. Ric Singer had had it with eggs actually sort of the genius scheme. He was a former coach, and he figured out how the system worked. He sort of reverse engineered it, and he figured out that coaches don't have a lot of oversight. Yet, but they have a lot of autonomy. They're they're being asked to fundraise for their team. They might some of these lower level sports might not be like crew and you know the cross, you just might not be scrutinized as much of the big sports like football basketball. John has highly recommended that book, unacceptable privilege, deceit and the making of the college admissions scandal, co authored by Melissa corn and available anywhere you get your books. News nation this hour. I'm Roger Banish British government, facing mounting pressure from the teacher's Union to keep schools closed in England UK reached a record of more than 57,000 daily coronavirus cases. Tokyo's governor Yuriko Koike K is asking the national government to declare a state of emergency to curtail the surging coronavirus in the name of valuing life. Tokyo reported. A daily record of 1337 cases. New Year's Eve and concerns are growing ahead of hosting the Olympics. In July, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says the state recorded more than one million confirmed covert 19 cases since the pandemic began. New York is the fourth state to go over one million positive covert 19 tests after California, Texas and Florida. North Carolina's health secretary doctor Mandy Cohen says quote we begin 2021 in our most dangerous position in this pandemic. State recorded its highest number of covert 19 cases today with the positivity rate of 15.5%, which is also the highest since the start of the pandemic. Southern California funeral home's air turning away grieving families because they're running out of space for the bodies, the head of the California Funeral Directors Association says mortuaries are being inundated. One funeral home is averaging 30 Body removals a day about five times more than usual. Greece has tightened its locked down for the next week..

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