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Thirty seven yards in that score helped the Cowboys dispose of the Seahawks twenty four twenty two. Kevin Kugler with call her right here on the fan from Westwood One. Dak Prescott two hundred and twenty six yards. One touchdown on the air one on the ground Amari Cooper, seven receptions, one hundred six yards. So Dallas moves out the next week though. See the saints or the Rams early game. No answers for the Texans. What's in a week's the shotgun. Snap. Here comes the blitz. Watson's? Got the snap. He's firing the middle. It's not to anyone wearing a blue jersey Watson was hit as he threw. It was only Darius Leonard of the colts in the area to catch. It turned over on downs. Indianapolis, we'll get the ball with four. Oh, nine fourteen point lead. Houston finishes to five on four down. They must have just seven points all game and the colts role the Texans twenty one to seven Mike to Rico with a call hurt here on the fan from Westwood One. Andrew luck two hundred and twenty two yards. Two touchdowns Marlin MAC, forty eight on the ground of the score is India advances. See the chiefs next Saturday in Kansas City coming up today at a pair of games, I up it's the ravens host. And the chargers we present Westwood One coverage right here on the fan at twelve thirty and the day wraps up at Chicago Bears host to eagles coverage gets underway at four fifteen jets. Head coaching search continued they met with former Packers had man, Mike McCarthy, of course, won the Super Bowl and Green Bay back in twenty ten. Meanwhile, jets and cardinals denied permission to speak with USC office coordinator clip Kingsbury now reportedly. Resign at USC to pursue possible. NFL opportunities Nixon edge both off nets look to make a twelve wins in fifteen games when they face the bulls in Chicago today coverage on WCBS, eight eighty at three twenty islanders erupted in the third while she Maury ponds, but other show for Saint.

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