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Thirty eight degrees tomorrow morning fog, then partly cloudy, a high of fifty six it's currently thirty seven CBS news update. No border closing. At least not right now. President Trump says he's giving Mexico a year to show a continued commitment to slowing the flow of illegal immigrants and drugs into the US, the drugs, don't stop Mexico can stop them if they want we're gonna tariff the cars, the cars are very big bet doesn't work. We're gonna close the border CBS's. Steven Portnoy with business interests raising alarms about the economic impact of sealing off the border. The president has now backed off his threat. He now says he'll give the Mexican government one year. Warning, if Mexico doesn't do more to stop the flow of drugs in migrants, he says he'll impose a new tariff on cars. And then he says if that doesn't work he will close the border with tariffs on cars. Could also damage the economy, so says, economists full shed tariffs on goods from Mexico would cause a problem for the US economy would make goods more expensive for US consumers. Would harm production the United States? So I think on net you'd be negative for the US economy. She news update. I'm Jim shanavie. WTMJ news time three thirty two from the WTMJ breaking news center, the man guilty for his role in the death of Milwaukee. Police officer is awaiting his sentencing this afternoon WTMJ's. Tony bedrock is live in the breaking news center. John the sentencing hearing for Ladele Harrison underway right now Harrison is the man who fled from police in June leading to the crash of a Milwaukee swat car that killed officer. Charles Irvine junior officer driving that Suad Matthew shoals, the offering a victim statement today, author Charles Irvine junior can tell you with unwavering certainty that he was a good honest, hardworking, ma'am, and on June seven twenty eighteen we attempted to conduct a traffic stop on his polar opposite and Ladele. Harrison, a judge right now is valuating the charges we expect to learn today. Whether a fourteen year old boy in Kentucky is really Timothy pits in a boy from Illinois who went missing in twenty eleven when he was just six years old DNA tests results are set to come out this. Afternoon. Today's team Jay force, Rebecca cloth is in Kentucky where the boy turned up on Wednesday. She joined us moments ago waiting for the results. And the most interesting thing is everybody has a theory. But at the end of the day, it's going to be I guess right now with the science the boy claimed he escaped from two kidnappers in the Cincinnati area will bring you the very latest developments throughout the afternoon. Anyone who's used the Kilborn tunnels to exit or enter forty three. Northbound knows they're a little old. Thanks to that. We have one of the first freeway projects or the construction season beginning next week water dripping on your windshield and ominous cracks in the walls and ceilings means the city of Milwaukee will need to do some long-term closures of the Kilborn avenue on and off ramp tunnels starting on Monday, the Kilborn on ramp to forty three northbound will be fully closed until June. You'll see signs posted directing you to use thought elect McKinley or the six three on ramps after this first phase is done. They'll close the forty-three northbound offramp to kill born from June until October. These closures will also affect. The MacArthur square parking garage.

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