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Way to bring it back, yeah. So what do you get, ching ching, 5 grand for it? Yeah, 5 grand, which, whatever. I mean, I don't know if he's ever uncomfortable before them. But yeah, 5 grand for water bottle. It sounds like it happens a lot off camera from what you guys just said like, I guess, you know, I think they felt bad for the kid because I think he got dummy into the law right before that. So he had a bit of a tough shift. And then he got pigeon tossed by Jamie Ben, the anti squirter squirter. All right, let you handle that joke this time. Gary bettman uphold that Brad marchand's 6 game suspension. He can appeal to an independent arbitrator if he wants. I kind of hope he does just to be my shine. For my guy, Frank Sarah valley, when masha and testified, he said that Jerry said to him, how about that fucking save? And honestly, I would have thought it would have been something more that would have set my shine off, especially when you talk about his quote back from when he gave shit to Panera and he's like, if that's going to set a guy off, then this leads the softest league in the world. So it's like, I would have thought Jerry said something much more harsh than that's a set my shonda off. So it's kind of, you know, come to contradict himself. I love mashi, but which makes it even more funny that he punched him in the face and it should have been a two minute minor. It's just like this is fucking awesome. Everybody went, oh, we put the goalie. It's like big fucking deal. What crew did to bunting do? No one said, oh, it should be suspended for that. It's the NHL do it. People get fucking punched in the face. I mean, he's a fucking character. I kind of want to get him on the pod now too. Maybe they shouldn't trade for flour. Well, we'll talk and brew and see how we'll finish that up in a second before we get to our buddy fairway falls, but interesting quote from Bruce Cassidy visit came out, I think last night, he called out the team being too nice. I know the fans have been shit on them for basically being soft. I mean, we'll use the brewing talking here. He said, we have a lot of nice guys on our team. We need to be more like bricks. You know, you know, I said a week ago, I said they need to add some toughness. It's embarrassing. Especially for like a bruins team that has always been like, that's been their MO, to me, that's the biggest difference right now. The bruins are a type of team where they get good goaltending and they're gonna beat you three, two, because they play smart hockey and they were disciplined and if they make a mistake and they take a penalty, they're penalty comes up big because they got that defense with who's going to block the shot. And they ain't gonna fucking run you up and down the ice like Florida does or like Toronto does, right? They play a certain style and they fucking lost their way. And we've seen that Sean hit for mom, Watson, and nobody did nothing. Like nobody, you know what I mean? Like nobody. It's a fucking job. It's like opinion for bruins hockey. Yes, it's a joke. I was a fan that would be my only complaint right now is start mucking it up a little bit more. Trent Frederick, he was kind of in and out of the lineup at the start of the season, is he been more consistent lately? Yeah, they have him on the third line. And I'm not sure if it's spinny. He's been up and down, but he's, yeah, he's been having consistent role in the team. He's never going to be a sniper, but he's been on the third line lately. And yeah, he's the guy that I think they might accept. I think the Brussels is to be more of that guy. And you guys are going to be like, oh, they fucking shut the fuck up about this bunting guy. Drag your team into the fight. Yeah. Drag the emotion out of them through the dog days of the season, like the Matthew kachaks, the Cory parries, the patty maroons, you know? Like the other night I talked about a regular season game, first game back, Florida hasn't played in two fucking weeks. All it fucking took was one of their guys getting bumped from behind to be like, this is gonna be a full fledged fucking gladiator match. More of that. That's their fucking bruins MO. So I'll leave it at that. I settled a couple of weeks ago. I wasn't fucking kidding, and then there you go, the head coach is now saying it, so I'll pat myself on the back for that one. Yeah, it shouldn't all fall in moshi to mix it up. But anyways, time to bring on folds, we do want to let you know that this interview is brought to you by mattress firm. America has a problem. Everyone is exhausted and out of it because they're not sleeping in a bed that's right for them..

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