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I really go case job. Well done in Miami. And stuck in this fellow really nice guy. I'm sure he hit him hired. He wouldn't be afraid to have a bay. Arena ice guided it's still going to heap horses. You know, he puts plenty back into the game. And I love to see guys like that roll the dice in the only game of ownership you love to see them. Get a big win like this. And you could tell it gave him a massive massive thrill. And don't forget they left three pounds behind entries. Well, so so they'd come down and come down. And then he ran quite tree before Christmas handicapped him up three thousand they probably thought we we'd better give him a wind up now that that was all the bigger for ice. That was the extrordinary thing to say well enough one forgery. He was he was eight to one he opened nine to twelve and one basically as you like to it was just fantastic. Great to see congratulations to connections seriously in the skeleton team well done well done to Rachel Blackmore who missed out on the record by a day. I'm sure she won't mind, but she becomes the second female rider to win a grade one of the gentleman festival over obstacles. Kidding it? Right. This time in the potato race Manila Indo for Henry debrum head fifty to one Kevin Blake we've seen big prize winners of this race in the past and Rachel just gave this one on. Absolutely berlin. Right. Yeah. This is a Reiko at harsh that say this is the right? Good horse. Totally harry. He was opened the van they're probably doing more and Rachel would've liked Bush for him to keep galloping as he did this. All right. Good heart surgeon kinda no he was a big price. He was a maiden coming in to us. But this is a chaser all over this is all right. Good. Looking forward to really really want. Take your walking around the ring and there'd be one job for him. And no better man than Henry to get him to deliver him to to a big novice chase campaign and one more time. This is a really good horse. Kevin blake. This is a really good horse. By the way, props to Tony Keenan who in our national own preview named this as a horse to follow and one of our listeners. Jane, send me a DM of her at the race track or pointing out that the horses running. She completely ignored him at fifty to one and sick, but well don't gain. Well, dylan. And briefly Nick for you Manila Indo story for Rachel Blackmore. Great story for Henry department, and do you know what this is a rice good? He's he's bred to be a right. Good host to he's from dick Lola's family, the carryings, and they're all men. We'll be Lanier. A bit more successful than his Kwan equivalent to chill. Was a breeder this. To Geli Benetton, very good. The Gary Moore and this well, so he's a beast bred to be very good host. And he has unlike the other big prize winners of the potato race, the dreams and the Nanu for college, and Jesus whatever the other one was that one million to one thousand one hundred and fifty two runs these handful of runs it was coming along nicely and it had four bind Alejo. So it wasn't a again he was fifty to one because the race had in depth. But there was nothing. Fluky a weird about it. He is a Kevin lake is rightly pointed out here every very this is jumping with absolutely brilliant. Probably they've got to be thinking that he's a huge to go. Couple of seventeen. Nice Mary Moloney as well. He's a atop man would have been pleased. Probably a little bit slice it with me. And this would have been this would have been a great result. I try and it back to them as well..

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