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This the first question. Welcome back. Kotter aired from a ABC from nineteen seventy five till nineteen Seventy-nine name any of two members of the sweat hogs. Here's a hint. If you want what? Sweat. Hogs will do Steve? I don't even know, what's what hogs references. I could have been a good question. I know the guy who played Mr. Qatar went on to play a lot of poker later in life. Tony danza and Mr Kerr. Cotton. Incorrect were looking for Vinnie. Bob Marino are all the horse. Shag kwan. Epstein and Freddie, boom. Boom, washington. So that means wrap wrong, but the scores dad's at eleven to two or excuse me one one. Two to to to to nothing. Got one you got one. Yeah. From the lifeline. Yeah. Yeah. Which means the is the widow of the millennial X games. Congratulate nine leaves angel will be winning a prize. So stay on the horn angel anti were sorry. Donna disappointed. You. Well, we love her too. She's still comes back every day. It was frustrating. Well, thank you, both so much stay at the scored way of the nice little. Here's a real question at what point do we just shut the segment down. Is it pulverizing you into oblivion where you realizing respectfully, I say this in you know, that, you know, I always think of us a really hip on the time has passed you by and you can't keep up think your questions need to be a lot harder harder. Welcome back kotter. First question, and then I would blow strategy playing. I think people like playing at home. I think so too unless you wanna take on it listener, it's up to you know. Donald look at me. I just need to regroup. Look at me. It's still fun playing with you. Okay. We're going to get tipsy when we come right back. How did get a raise at work. Yeah. Tell us that I will tell you how to get a raise at work. How you need to ask for what you need to have prepared ahead of time. So if you're sitting in a cubicle right now in particular, get out, your legal pad, take some notes on making you more money coming up, and I'm going to tell you about how to avoid serials salmonella. Coming up next. It's all about balanced uninvite, talk one of seven one. So you don't.

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