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Don't miss lucky stars lucky swears lucky star casino. Why why do we ignore the things that give us pause, but seem out of place that don't feel right? The answer to why defines who we are. So if you see something why do you say something, I see safe for my friends for my community for my family for each other? Because all of this matters. We all have something worth protecting. So why do you see say report suspicious activity to local authorities to see something say something? Daltry was reinstated. The following day this week in one thousand nine seventy Janice. Joplin records me and Bobby McGee at sunset sound studios. In Hollywood, unfortunately, she dies nine days later from a drug overdose. At age twenty seven this week in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven Michael Jackson starts a six week run. At number one on the US album chart with bad released nearly five years after his previous studio album thriller. Dad went on to become the world's best-selling album having sold between thirty to forty five million copies worldwide the album produced five US number ones the first album ever to do. So this week in one thousand nine hundred ninety Dave Grohl replaces Chad Channing in Nevada becoming the fifth and final drummer for the band and this week in two thousand four green day's scores. Their first UK number one album with American idiot. The band seven freely. There's your look back at this week's rock almanac. I've don't text and drive. Visit stoptextstopwrecks dot org. A message brought to you by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration project, yellow light noise.

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