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Luke chris say i am all in and he just didn't feel at this point in time he could do that and remember. He's talked to andrew andrew. Luck andrew walked into his office and they sat down. They talked and i can tell you an owner who's got so much. Money invested in the guy like andrew luck probably told him take your time. <hes> don't rush we can put you on. I r okay once they put him on. I r e that means he's going to be going for the first eight weeks of the season but but he can be eligible to come back and return so there were options out there for andrew luck to still be on the team and not necessarily have to play right now and so when he says has he walked away from two hundred whatever half a billion dollars he saying that that's what he wanted to pay andrew luck over the next ten to fifteen years of his career career. Yeah i would have paid that for andrew luck yeah but he said what's more. Important is my health and my teammates and that's when he knew it was real like jim. Irsay newell was real so when a guy just said i don't care about the money it's not about the money for me. If i can't be the best andrew luck i wanna be. I just gotta walk away from it. It's time for me to go. Take more work on my draft again so i'm looking deep now getting deep into the draft. Oh man i've had been forced to done a draft here. I've been forced to be to do a draft while we're on the air. Have you drafted a kicker yet or no. Okay wait to the end of the day all right. I wanna draft steel. I'm looking for like a sleeper deep wide receiver sleeper so i'm looking at rookies d k metcalf for the seattle seahawks seahawks or nikiel harry from the patriots patriots the kid who which arizona state and we'll get back to andrew luck because there are still things. There's one thing that i think that no one is talking about. When it comes i'm andrew luck and impact of his retirement. Go ahead. I would say mchugh harry. Okay <hes> 'cause we're talking about a guy who's got a a lot of potential but the return of josh gordon to go along with julian edelman <hes> as well. The tight end position is not there for for the <hes> the the patriots i can see him having a bigger impact especially in that wide receiver group then decay metcalf <hes> i've been i went to seattle seahawks mini camp and watch decay. He is specimen george. I said man god don't make make them like that too often because that dude is just he's different but but i look at that offense of seattle and he fits but he's fits in a role. That's going to be a small producing role. <hes> you still got tyler lockett. You got some you know. It's it's still a running football team <hes> and so i don't know of decay metcalf is really going to be that productive as much as i think that nicole harry can be productive for new england being on one side of the feel josh gordonia other side and we still don't know josh gordon status so i i would probably go with jerry. I got him stashed. I'm he's in my queue somewhere. We see tom terrific nick. Yeah by the way could not <hes> did not get that. He didn't get the name the patent the patent for tom terrific and he didn't even get that he tried. You didn't all right so real. Quick back to andrew luck. This was brought up. I saw this on twitter and i want to credit the person who had this okay luther campbell campbell uncle luke yeah who's by the way the guests on djamil.

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