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Inner Miami team getting better? Why can't Austin get better? I can Houston get better. Why can't you get better? I know a lot of it has to do with all these fines. You took for cheating for being trampolines, but at some point you have to think that Neville's got to write the ship. You've got to start seeing something because three goals four and 13 against. I asked pressure on Phil Neville. I meant it somewhat facetiously. We don't really think there's too much. Pressure on them. There should be based on the results. This is what I was talking about earlier. And look at these two legends Ronaldinho at the Toronto FC game getting his just due and with another legend, this one a Major League Soccer Dwayne, de Rosario. Wow, look at the talent in that shot. People say, what are you talking about? D Rosario is one of the most talented players to play in this league Ronaldinho goes without even saying, my man is a winner. He's won everything. Everything, everything you can win, he's won. Well, he didn't win league on Mexico. Look at that. Very cool scenes right there. Very cool scenes with that. Shout out to D ro two, man. And entertainer. At all times. Kids are pretty good. Injure Miami, New England revolution, that match Saturday on ESPN. Maybe just maybe in her Miami will find their first victory of the 2022 campaign. Joins us here on the set this table, not quite the same table we shared over the weekend when we celebrated this young man's 40th birthday. What a moment the oldest man on the set now, what a party. It might be all this one here now? Yes, you are. Yes, you are. Google that. I was like, great party though, I gotta say. It was a good party. I always say a good party with good company. So let's get into the draw then a four Mexico who of course were drawn into group C, a lot of folks focusing in on the matchup with Argentina, but also Poland and Saudi Arabia in the group as well. The history with Argentina, you don't need a briefing, but if you do 2010, 2006, round.

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