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Story would be this thing passed or even got close even just did well then they don't want that that make their heads snap back that's true you know i every once in a while a symbolic vote is useful in getting attention to people who who are too arrogant and to cynic too cynical and this this might be it i think we'd wanna live maybe is southern california which would be san diego san bernardino county orange county riverside county mono madera inyo to laurie fresno kings kern imperial counties don't you think if you chunk of them actually think if you're listening right now and you're in orange riverside san bernardino san diego county you'd love a divorce from la county and san francisco and sacramento oh absolutely divorce from the gas and car tax divorce from sanctuary state policies a divorce from the high speed rail would i mean we're we're so oppressed here by progressive san francisco politics it's how else how else can we can we express our disgust yeah i feel bad though for when we talked to those people that wanted to form the state of the state of jefferson and they're like way up on the northern california border actually included several things going on but they may have include southern oregon i think i think it was like two counties in southern oregon to in northern california and they're largely a rural mining and forestry johnny well they'd be stuck with the beary area this map northern california would be the bay area and the thirty one remaining counties north of sacramento said they don't they wouldn't like this idea too much they wouldn't because the bay area would have a lot of domination and know that that is the worst mismatch dow is is is those two cultures but i mean this somebody's gotta somebody's gotta pop this progressive below you know maybe people have to start demanding just separate right book as divorce at some point people get sick of fighting sick arguing we're not going to change their minds they're not going to change our minds could we just go on on our own here now meanwhile the university of california has a strike on their hands cold by the american federation of state county and municipal employees local three two nine nine which represents twenty five thousand service workers this.

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