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Decay radio melinda roeder now that a new ten year deal has been reached between u._p._n. and high mark the healing process can begin today both sides are saying sorry to customers and patients high mark c._e._o. david holmberg you know that it came down to the wire and this from u._p._n. spokesman paul would it was difficult it was confusing it was annoying for many we recognize that the agreement means high mark injured patients can now have access to all u._p._n. see facilities and physicians at in-network rates at least for the next decade melinda roeder newsradio ten twenty katie k to somerset county camp directors have been charged with failing to report alleged child abuse that occurred at the facility earlier this year the trip reports that someone allegedly told sixty nine year old mark wit and thirty seven year old jason wit directors at team quest a christian youth camp that there was a sexual incident between an eleven year old and a sixteen year old neither reported the incident however they are ordained and mandated to do so the investigation is ongoing both men have been charged with second degree misdemeanors punishable by a maximum sentence up to two years in prison and up to a five thousand dollar fine if convicted a debate in the state house over a just unveiled thirty four billion dollar compromised budget plan is turning into a floor fight over whether democrats can criticize the package for lacking a minimum wage increase today scheduled vote is on a spending plan agreed to by leaders of the republican controlled legislature and governor tom wolfe senate approval is also required it uses strong tax collections to boost aid to public schools and universities hold the line on taxes and stuff cash into reserve but rank and file democrats are taping against an order by house speaker mike tours that they cannot bring up the minimum wage during florida bait republicans opposed an increase in the state's minimum wage the governor and democrats contend that a minimum wage increase will improve the state's finances secretary of state mike pompeo says the united states hopes to help afghanistan reach a peace agreement with the taliban by september first we are not and will not negotiate with the taliban behalf of the government or people of afghanistan rather we're working to break afghans together at the negotiating table decide the future of their own country collectively pompeo was speaking jury an unannounced visit to kabul he says the result of any peace talks ultimately up to the afghan government itself the trump administration has announced its new press secretary c._b._s. news correspondent bill rakoff has the story in a tweet first lady melania trump announced that her press secretary stephanie grisham will move from the east wing to the west wing to succeed the outgoing sarah sanders according to the first lady's tweet grisham will also serve as communications director for the white house before serving the first lady grisham served as deputy to former white house press secretary sean spicer and served as an informal traveling press secretary for the president bill rakoff c._b._s. news washington stocks are slightly lower on wall street healthcare companies are leading the gainers after add the said it will pay sixty three billion dollars for botox maker allergan energy stocks lost ground investors are waiting speech by chairman jerome powell later today for any signal on the direction of interest rate right now on wall street hefferin tillerson says the dow is down ninety one points at twenty six thousand six thirty six the nasdaq is down seventy one points and the s&p is down fifteen points in sports pirates opening a series in houston tonight gametime eight ten more in sports with jeff hath orn at one forty six it is one thirty three triple a. traffic and accuweather together next if you don't know your numbers you don't know your business meet evan goldberg founder of net sweet i had to learn that the hard way with my first company that's why i started net sweet i needed to see everything that was going on with my business.

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