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You know, and then my receiver coach, when I was with the Arizona outlaws, was one of my childhood idols. It was Fred Belinda cough, who was, my God. With the Raiders, you know, so growing up, you know, when I was at the schoolyard, playing catch with my with my friends and dive in for balls in the grass. Like I was always Fred Belinda cough. And then it turns out like he's actually coaching me. Didn't they used to say about bulletproof? He would have so much stick him on his hands. He could catch a ball on the back of his hands. Yeah, he was a really interesting man and just like a wonderful guy to be around, like as a young man to like be in meeting rooms and on the field with a guy that you had idolized as a child, like every single word he said, I hung on it. If he would have said, Jay, you want to make it the NFL, I need you to climb up on top of that building and jump off on your head. I would ask him where the ladder is. Oh, wow. Well, again, and that's the other thing too. I mean, that's stuff of legend. You know, when you think of the original Oakland Raiders, you know, and guys like that. Just Lyle ousey though. You know, just you know Morgan in this big picture view that like we're discussing just of life. So all these events, these football events, we're focused on this like football phase of the story right now, but it translates into translated into my professional life as well. It's not so much the accomplishments. It's the people it's the people you cross with. And the relationships you build and the people you get to know, truly in hindsight, that's what's important is the people. It's always the people. Yeah, and that's going to serve you well later too. So you do a little bit of a stint in CFL, USFL. When do you start realizing, I got to go out and get a job. I mean, at what point does that not work out for you? And what's the next what's the next job you get or what's the next adventure you have before we finally start looking at ATF? If I was going to continue as a football player, it was going to be a very struggled existence. I was always going to be a bubble guy. I was always going to be a guy that was like hanging there at the last cut, is here is he not going to make the team. And I had pretty much accomplished what I had set out to accomplish in football. Not the ultimate goal, not the plan a goal, but I was content with what I had accomplished and like we said earlier. I left nothing on the table. I had taken it as far as I was capable of taking it..

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