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Rico Guam and by satellite we are coast to coast AM hi everybody I'm Connie Willis on a supermoon yep I did figure that out for you really quickly because I know that we had different names coming in and I appreciate that you guys are right on it a supermoon is a full moon or new moon that nearly coincides with Eric you what the closest that the moon come to the earth in its elliptical orbit okay now to get into serious I want to get I want to know the information board says it's good luck for you to eat a green peas on our end of Monty or whatever on the Superman I wanna hear those types of things not just the scientific part of it that's okay but basically let's see here Motrin occurred innocents Superman Superman is supposed to be I think the biggest and the brightest of all you know nowadays you can't even really go on the internet and the first thing that you see be the correct tool it's all about SCO now isn't it okay I get it chief words good job those people that have done that but a full snow moon see now I'm getting snow supermoon be visible spice guy this for okay and for discriminate it's a Superman they now now it's just amazing now it's amazing I I definitely at one point want to talk to somebody the get up on coast to coast about how it all works on the internet I think that would be a war the show here because it is behind normal for sure well tonight we've got an update on something that we talked about four years ago it was not the whole story back in nineteen oh nine a luxury white star liner known as the millionaire ship it's song it was supposed to be unsinkable some with a real without with with a lost treasure and a lot of treasure and Mister captain Martin Byerly well he's been on a thirty year quest to find this treasure and he has found it any claims there's a ton of money in there and on that ship and that's what he told us before you also saw series that was called billion dollar rack and it was a great documentary series I enjoy that very much learned a lot and Martin is here to tell the story on you know he can briefly tell you what the history of everything but it's really about the update and the fact that he's going to be pulling up some money hopefully soon and that is extremely interesting on how he can salvage a ship that is that huge and go exactly where he needs to go they pull up the gold and then some so let's bring on Mister Martin Byerly who is also the author of the czars treasure the sunken white star liner with a billion dollar secret and he does know all of that stuff his research concerning the RMS Republic and cargos is huge Martin welcome back once again to coast to coast AM how are you fine Connie how are you I'm doing all right I'm doing good it is a few updates you said a ton of money no we have fifty three tons of money my gosh orders at on this newly minted double gold eagle coins and eight tons for the U. S. navy pair on operational expense so fifty three tons total those were the two shipments that we ignore the cargoes that were carried or the personal belongings or gold coins that would carry by the passengers and other cargoes that will no no likely be aboard but the two cargoes we've identified a U. S. navy Hey rowing operational expense eight hundred thousand face value nineteen oh nine it works at the eight tons of coin that which has a spare on operational expense that will be everything from pennies nickels dimes quarters up to two dollar and fifty cent gold pieces five dollar gold pieces ten dollar gold pieces and of course the double eagle an eagle was ten dollars a double eagle was a twenty dollar gold piece so that's eight hundred thousand face value has to be mixed Quincy the five million dollar face value shipment was for the Russian State Bank purchased in New York actually acquired in New York from the sale of Russian state bonds on January twenty second bonds with being sold by the tsarist regime to raise money to pay off of an older alone it was coming due in nineteen oh nine so that's that's twenty five million face value that's forty five tons of double eagle coin so be six hundred and twenty five one hundred and sixty pound boxes W. point just for this the TV shows of all new research the TV show was a billion dollar wreck when we first understood the car going to be three million dollars and double what it was but we sense continue the research and now we believe that three million dollars as part of a twenty five million dollars shipment the the Russian gold so is that is that now seven billion dollar rank what I'll be do the extrapolation three million is one billion twenty five million is over seven billion eight eight eight billion what you're in there you know I love it only gosh but that that that that that card was not confirmed that we have a lot of very tight circumstantial case for that ship and the U. S. navy cargo is confirmed we acquired the payment from the treasury department the white star line for the eight hundred thousand dollar coin money shipment because even though the ship was lost the government still had to pay for the shipment they ship food stores we have the bills of lading for that we have the payments for that and they paid for something else beyond the food stores in the amount they paid corresponds exactly to the amount of money we we identified to be shipped aboard the vessel and its eight hundred state eight hundred thousand face value ninety nine now that cargo alone the confirmed cargo if we just take the Russian cargo off the table the confirm cargo alone eight hundred thousand face value nineteen on NYMEX Goins I would have a value today very conservatively a two hundred million dollars so I could I could I I can live on that you know were I'm glad you came in this is this is this is a lifetime's worth of work you know you say thirty years actually is closer to forty years oh my gosh I start was trying to keep you young strong keeping young started I started researching this right when I had my nice six pack stomach the life guard the scuba diving instructor and my own dive shop and now I have the cake stomach Hey is I want you to see it before anything ever happens to you not from heaven I think last time you were on you said that you would probably see it from heavens perspective and you know what maybe have grant your son hold it right I I might add this visualization my son's looking at this this pa gold bars on the deck list one up holds up this guy nieces dead you were right all you got to see it now now part of your update to as you might have some people that are going to do this and if they do this how do they pull the okay give everybody an idea of the size of this ship our public Kerr sank in nineteen oh nine who's built in nineteen oh three of the dominion line dominion line was one of several lines at the JP Morgan financier at the time was attempting to organize into a Atlantic shipping monopoly he did that with the steel industry and now we tried to monopolize the north Atlantic shipping trade so we bought white star line he bought dominion line he bought Leyland line he bought red storyline as they wanted to others and their and he was buying up these lines but he couldn't buy canard canard was kept independent by the British government because the British government recognize that it has to have a say in the Atlantic a shipping trade with Britain is an island needs needs its own its own shipping line and and so they backed in art so what people often talk about Titanic in and not many people know this but Titanic was owned by white star line which was owned by JP Morgan's combine it was called the international mercantile marine corporation which was a New Jersey corporation so although Titanic and Republic were British flagged they were essentially U. S. corporate owned so of course when the ship sank people's wants a British a power is really a an American ship under American control although it was it was British flagged so when one JP Morgan attempted to monopolize the shipping lanes the north Atlantic shipping trade as he did in the steel industry a white star was the pre mere line of of his acquisitions that was the luxury line that's that's why Titanic was at that time consider the ship of dreams Republic which sank three years earlier than Titanic was called the millionaire ship was a millionaire ship clues it was also called palatial like a floating palace and the million is preferred their luxury when they travel to Europe but of course a a millionaire we we use the term today millionaire and say well millionaires yeah million it or to a lot of people to most people still a lot of money but a million there at that time in nineteen rhyme was all lost huge yeah right JP Morgan said at one time that a man with a million dollars this is this is JP Morgan talking at the turn of the century is that you know a man with a million dollars can live as well as a rich man to live to the but his wealth in perspective so now let's go let's go back to the other one that you will see if I can get it right this time with you so you you know how to become a mill a multi millionaire right you you start out as a billionaire and then you buy and airlines after you buy their what do you or you invest than treasure hunts that's true most of the hunt or simply that but ours is different because we've confirm the cargo we've made in fact the we made the research I made the research available in my book the czars treasure to make it available for critical examination and the reason why did that is because we now own my company on my own I guess you could say the Armos Republic I own it lock stock and barrel that's weird isn't it that's rare yes extremely rare most salvage Lowell away salvage wall works is you voluntarily provide assistance to a ship but that see that's in distress and if you save that ship through your voluntary efforts you're entitled to what is called a salvage award and that would depend on your efforts and your risk your degree of skill and so when you it's like a mechanic's lien you see a ship in distress you voluntarily should assist in its rescue you then file a claim a salvage lean against the ship for your efforts and saving the ship and our cargo and of course you file that the US District Court the U. S. District Courts have Admiralty jurisdiction exclusive MOT jurisdiction and then you bring everything you find or your case before the court the court will award you a salvage award salvage awards are typically seventy five percent up to ninety two percent and that's what we had with Republic I went out and found Republic in nineteen eighty one we filed a salvage when you bring in a piece of the wrecked into the court's jurisdiction so the court can exercise jurisdiction.

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