President Trump, Syria, Philippines discussed on The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell


Is asians today we just saw the results of their fake news award which is remarkable in many ways so it is a coup that the president's summarily uh brands his those who disagree with with them as as as the enemies and those who produce fake information that is something that nor democracies do and so i think in this sense it's an absolute coup that in his language the president's sides with those very wellknown dictators and not just the 20th century dictators but all autocrats from time immemorial lots of smoke point your flight went on to make let's listen to more what you're flick today so today about uh talking about a president assad of syria and rodrigue owed do territory of the philippines listeners in february syrian president bashar al assad brushed off an amnesty international report that some thirteen thousand people have been killed in one of his military prisons by saying you can forge anything these days we're living in a fake news era in the philippines president rodrigo duterte heartache has complained of being demonized by fake news last month the report continues with our president quote laughing by his side do tar take called reporters spies and yasha monk the president has been fuming this kind of thing since he started denying that the president obama's birth certificate was the president's birth certificate the absolutely i mean you know what we're seeing is a fullscale attack.

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