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And I rolled chilled to salad kind of comes in and that's Saleh contact at two AM since we had a call last segment call me south not judge blood stained shops okay I appreciate the old and new been on hold for awhile I appreciate Emmanuel bulges darn last thirty five into the show hit me up at eight seven seven three three seven six six six six keep from Washington Heights is out pay Kate hi Anthony wow huh very good to Jay thank you I go out and yes yes you did you meet you made me so happy forty five minutes ago when I say you don't even know what you said this is beautiful at twelve thirty nine if you want to break you gave out W. I. T. so numbers I would do the whole set I usually I catch it at some point usually yeah you can go back to the tape eight eight eight seven two nine nine four nine four seasons all right thank you no one else spotted it I didn't get a tweet about it like Jody what tell dad won't have you just gave out I had it done I used to do with the I. P. address to Google the number to yeah it's going to be like a five five two one two four two two seven which is the CBS sports radio telephone number with me and listen I I know what they need to talk on the radio but if I was working in multiple station to make sure to keep the card in front of you just to just to you know you have to think about it now and I'll probably but I'd screw up the card too so what okay so here I go again with the Astros thing he told a call earlier today you can't just give a while punishments unless there is for warning and I couldn't agree with you more if they want to make a rule now moving forward that someone cheat and they give them I don't care what they mean the death penalty as long as they know what the deal is in advance one of his driving driving us about this and that so many teams have used legal methods of stealing signs but there's so many other methods of stealing about cheating and it seems like nobody notices no we can't hurt anyone I'm growing up I need Kevin gross recounting cut members only grow obviously **** Perry do you guys get ten days no one shouting this new phone out of the league we Connie cut became a pitching coach in college you're very good pitching coach a dad and get your parrot what a book called me in the spirit or the term all frame right and you know again you wanna make a rule now this is if you load up on the ball if you cut the ball you're out for a year all right if you want to make a will you still find you're out for a year or five years alright but definitely keep saying about I'm against cheating armor one party Ahmadi god bless his soul when he was briefly the commissioner he said something about I mean sure use a lot you know when the three dollar words which I could use the something about why is it that were punishing violence in our fight about a series he's were punishing cheating the cheating should be punished lot more seriously he wasn't well long enough to make a change there it never made sense to me as a kid right a guy who's looking at the board only get ten days ten days here's here's the day you got to continue to remind yourself club when you're having this mental exercise as to how much cheating is actually going on and how it should be part a child should be handled all of think it always has to be a collaborative effort this is what I do and this is why I end up defending rob Manfred all the time he can't just act unilaterally he is in business in partnership with the players he can't just wave a magic commissioner wind and say this is now sold because I'd say so I am allowed to punish this person to this magnitude because I am the all powerful commissioner it doesn't work that way they have a collective bargaining agreement in place penalties are set now if you want to reset them usually it happens when a collective bargaining agreement comes down but from time to time ads we're seeing any other Val I don't know if you heard the story I talked about earlier in the show at least according to Adam Schefter the NFL is going to change its playoff structure and they're going to do so next year adding two more teams now they did this outside of a collective bargaining agreement why because both sides all married in it now it did no good integration wants to change it and become more panel de driven by cheating and put the detail then he can do is soul but Denny Hastert negotiate with the players absolutely and I think what it is and they may be happy is nigh I've cold enough to time enough that sounds like I'm defending cheating I'm very post cheating but there has to be the rules there in advance to have to come from baseball and that kind of punishment is the role that worked and advanced when one can be happy with the steroids thing was that the next generation of players was very upset about it and that's why they were able to put in you know ET games in the postseason honesty to games because the players so if the players are really post this and again I I think it's obvious it wasn't just the Astros but if the players majority of players push Tony Clark and the players union said that they get the same page with baseball great make a really really tough punishment for any form of cheating and then moving forward I'm all for it our goal for now is the time to strike that hired if you are rob Manfred because if the players and he here's what I have got to be fascinating over the last three four five days I was glad here to be here on the air on a fan rob Manfred while trying to do so so more diplomatically did air a little dirty laundry he came out and said that the astro players through their union wrapped basically required to be wiped off the possibility of punishment if they were to talk to the commissioner and he didn't have dared that but he chose to air that number one because I think he understood that baseball fans one now and number two he wanted to let everyone know that you're going to come down to be critical of me I'm explaining myself at a time then the players union had to come out and defend themselves and say well there were no penalties imply any commissioner started by saying we're not really looking to punish the plate that's why they got the immunity that they were so they've gone back and forth playing to the court of public appeals sold one to draw a line and say you want to be Tony Clark now comes out and says could you know rob members will do it if he is getting to where our world would be start negotiating rob Manfred said we'll know those penalties to arch we're not going to accept that then ma'am are you going to go to the people and all listen I tried to get tougher on cheating I tried to but the players union shot me down all right ma'am rate is and then get crotch like he's getting crushed on these public airwaves people going to turn around to where you were the union doesn't want to penalize all those guys didn't Giancarlo Stanton a unit of my traveling union isn't Ballenger any union they're just turning their nose up to them and going no we're not going to punish cheaters going forward it could be very interesting within the next months in into the seat I don't know how long it's going to take but imam rob Manfred I go on the offensive and I try and get the union to sign off on documented detail entailed specific punishment agreement on how they'll handle electronic cheating going forward I think you put that is very I really have nothing at a they you you put a very well the only thing I want to mention in closing it could be or your guide mention about to rain you said it was taken out to a one hour break man I would say one at Springer but I think we have four pieces of evidence that suggest that L. two a was not interested in cheating and didn't when doing a banging one is because his road numbers were vastly better in his home number home number is one of them was a courageous had one of them was what Harold Reynolds said he had heard from a large number of players at all to be did not one know if if this was coming and lastly because the guy Tony Adams who to recordings went to every single one of the sixty one home games he could find found that the two people at the lowest number bangs was Tony camp and I'll Tuesday and they said those guys were against the banking I think picking on L. Tuesday when you got a Springer out there or whatever to make any sense I mean it isn't me is really nothing himself to stay and die you have mentioned this earlier and keep very good called thank you very much how to raise an easy target because he won the MVP he got the award and it was specifically mentioned Coley Ballenger first before anyone said it in new York's camp Cody bellowed your felt moved to put it out there that al Duraid treated Erin judge at a DMB pay and then it was followed up on in Yankee camp but it was an outsider who said it first so because they really prevalent player put it out there into the sport he does leave nine digging too deep fan is going to go all out to retreated AGD cheated start judge out of you every day so because he was taking a page of going to you know that's how we want I accept that there is evidence to the contrary and people don't want to actually take that next step will be figuring it out I believe there were other players on the Astros will benefit painted a much more greatly and it out to be a would be cheating scandal moving his story is up on a fan hello good how you doing good on that young column but denied it let's say that when you use that as a statement because he knew that it was going to say the reason why does the world Susan because they cheated on us you can't say that because the struggling over twenty times hitting a wall in the one forty one and you're still on met him at home two or three times so even in the end the seven game at all well would you in Kabul you calling you have okay you have first of all you make and the only million dollars okay you don't stay healthy it's all about Stephen thank yous doing morning when the freaking Yankee okay now what did you go to that eighty so you had there that is it that is probably a team right now used to be way isn't one to question him about what's going on how about and the other to play when the Mets Carlos Beltran Alamos right this man was would you be willing to residents seventeen he went and play what he was doing and he came back to you as a consultant why did you bring up his name okay we got on well with this a UT I don't that examine come bundled event we had to talk about this anymore you know the end is are they going to do is now you that the best we can baseball when you you want to place a use that don't tell you right now with the regular that medium medium meet meet him bad and that's the way you that's all shut up you're calling you in the same union and one day they will defend you because you know what even if the even if you play when they're using you know what's coming and you want to swing at it because you know they're going to tell you that that that girl outside in the guy when he was doing it again relatively the man I mean as question Lou Darren judges also pretty outspoken about how bad the cheating was the M. B. T. he wanted a tremendous amount okay you remember that Jen Jen Carlo and Erin judge should both showed up at the same time I I would you know you have a point money on the guy doesn't or what's the difference what a difference yes I guess so you have a no not you you make a video the million dollars okay so you're you're getting paid big Bucks you're not allowed to have an opinion it is America but you are but you have to like I tell you yeah I do make you bounce right and the bridges in your dog out right now this battery cheating scandal okay that's what I'm talking about both of them John and Jian Carlo bold to go to benefit from having Gary Cole as a teammate that year are they not absolutely go also they both should mention a goal is a cheater should they not yet well listen if you think that is really what the issue no you don't know about it and he was a part of it getting a couple of hours to get a win in there even though you determine is better you know I don't I don't know maybe I'm crazy but you know what now when you are Lou is biased you don't like Giancarlo Stanton so you're holding him a different standard judge well you're willing to cut some slack to that's what it is is on the honest you'll Indian Carlos don't play this year the team will be better off if we never played with the Yankees we'd be a better team that's how bad I feel about him you're right now you're at least you admitted to it there and then Giancarlo is not the most popular Yankee that's for sure and I understand lose not buy and sell beer that John Carlos stand is making a lot of money and last year's production was severely hampered by his injuries the year before it was cool idea but people expected him to win the NB pay any didn't quite at that level one everybody with the Marlins game the Yankees at a really good year not good enough in the eyes of Yankee fans and of course last year you did next nothing because any injuries so people.

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