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In ten americans sailors are missing after their ship collided with an oil tanker off the coast of singapore wsb's michelle white is live with details of what happened and how many are injured veronica malaysian officials say that the search for the sailors is taking place over about one hundred nautical miles military times rider jeff zuza low pitch says a lot of people are wondering how did they get so close to each other the us as john mccain in the much larger liberianflagged ship collided just after six a m local time retired navy destroy captain kevin iro says navigation is tough it's hard to envision exactly how crowded a waterway like that can be sailors are recovering from nonlife threatening injuries this is the second collision like this and two months reporting live michelle wright wsb president trump plans to deploy four thousand more troops to afghanistan michael sing with the washington institute for near east policy says the us should view this as a security mission not a war to be one plenty of enemies in afghanistan you have i could there you have other terrorist groups but the real recipe for solving that problem in the long term is by supporting the government by by helping to create a stable functioning government you can hear the president's address at nine p m here on wsb us and south korea are holding more joint military exercises on the korean peninsula coat correspondent alex hinton in seoul says the american troops are thousands fewer than usual and there are fewer military assets around for these war games as well they would say that is not influenced by north koreans tensions we can only speculate but certainly the north may see a a small victory in that delight scale exercises involve about sixty eight thousand troops totalled wsb news time eight twelve twelve in every year of more wsb traffic trooper just a moment ago headed up towards the totality zone with traffic was pretty smoothly for them were keeping an eye on some of the heavier spots as well this winter already beginning to fill in those so you don't count on getting there in a hurry tech your patients if you're headed up to watch history wsb meteorologist kirk mellish joins us live once again are you still feeling pretty good good about having enough sky to see this.

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