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Out these Gabin didn't call. Was Up with this. So this is the Gostkowski MIS- mis- MIS- MIS- make game Vic Fangio not icing Gostkowski that using timeouts before that the whole minute before broncos could got the ball back with a minute left instead seventeen seconds was all they had to try to come back and win this game. Fangio. Defended his time management after the game. But what you said as you sat down, he kind of walked that back today his availability with you. So let me ask you this. Did you'll blow this game for Denver. Oh. Absolutely. I remember asking him about a week and a half ago what he learned from being a rookie coach on the sideline to this year he said because of all the off-season problems, he didn't really think there was many changes whatsoever well, it. There weren't any changes laidlaw three games in the last thirty seconds last year in similar situations and did it once again, he left the stadium with his hands and two timeouts in his pocket this morning he said, well, maybe I should have called a timeout after. About the one twenty mark and he didn't do it, and so I think the coach has to accept the blame and he didn't do it last night but now years, and if that's what he's going to be like the rest of the year, he's going to have some serious problems keeping his job for a third year like Vance Joseph did when he was here, he lost it after two it's A super problem with the way that he went about it but as a strategy overall, I, don't like it. When NFL coaches rely on other teams to make mistakes as a way to try to win games, it appears just assumed cousy was going to miss it other kick or his defense was going to make a play, which is why they didn't try to get the. Ball. Back on offense with anytime however, it should've lost that game on that pass to the end zone it was the ball got dropped. So all of this is wash I'm concerned just not a smart strategy going into it and didn't show enough confidence in a team that has a pretty good makeup as far as I'm concerned and had a chance to win this game. Pablo. And there's another mistake that Fangio made Tony Remember. This is Mile High Righty Finnair. They have a kicker who hit a seventy three yard field goal albeit in practice, they were seventy four yards. So. You would've tried by.

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