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Maybe I go to Toronto where my family probably still lives because he was coaching in the Hamilton area a while ago in the Canadian Hockey League, Ontario Hockey League. But the path to the NHL might be a little better for him because of if a coach like, who's the Toronto Maple Leafs coach? Sheldon Keefe. Sheldon Keefe. If he's on the hot seat, then the natural progression is to see if Gruden's the next guy. So, you know, there's ample opportunities for players and coaches to go where they want to and have success because the landscape just seems that much better. It's almost like players as your entry level contract and you see the landscape. Like Matt Benning. I'm just going to take Matt Benning for an example. Northeastern Huskies University, drafted by the Bruins, obviously saw McAvoy and all the freaking talent ahead of him and just said, I don't see a fit for me here. So he went elsewhere to find that NHL time and that NHL consistency. It happens. It's a business. People got to do what's better for themselves as much as what's better for your team. We root for the team. They root for themselves. Yeah, exactly. I wonder about like with you got Keefe somehow still coaching in Toronto, but I wonder who's the GM there now? Retro Living now. Yeah. What does he do? He says, oh, look how talented this roster is. I'll give Keefe one more year so I can see what he does. And I'm just going to cherry pick a guy from the Bruins organization because that's what this team needs is some Bruins culture. So he brings over Gruden and that he might be just thinking, OK, and, you know, next year I'll have, you know, all of those contracts. I don't know what they're going to look like. But he gets rid of Keefe and he brings up a Bruin, right? And that's all I'm going to say to any Leaf fan who talks about any success that happens under him. No success till you bought in on Bruins culture.

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