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The search intensifies for a woman near Denver armed with shotgun. Making threats we take these threats seriously. It's not certainly not the first threat that we've had that involves Columbine high school or references at Jefferson County sheriff Jeff Schroeder, deputies searching for eighteen year old soul pice who threaten Columbine high. And the FBI says is infatuated with the shooting just days before its twentieth. Anniversary attorney general William bar orders immigration judges to stop allowing migrants seeking asylum out on bond, even if they have a credible fear of return into their country. The order goes into effect in ninety days. This is Boris I immigration ruling as the attorney general does have thirty over prior rulings. Made by immigration court Sox's Joel NATO immigration attorneys are expected to immediately challenged the geez dictate. This is Fox News. Eight the cooperative extension system and the Ad Council. Arms. Concentrated fisher. Over. Satellites become indispensable to the US military occasion for TVS should guide smart bombs and troops and surveillance. Awful extremely. His officials of three hundred four million dollars to fund research base base. Lasers. Missile. Defense next year. Looking for its newest branch, the US base command here forces named six possible sites and fair and. As a nation. Star command commenced argument. Lawn. I'm quite newes. You're listening to ground zero. First base stations proposed to the nineteen fifties to space sports space. Command weapons in space. Here we go we need to put forward a budget because based satellite killers are out there. Somebody else says Paul had written. He wrote a you wrote a piece on my Facebook saying,.

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