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The if it weren't for is pro going to printers incredibly advanced to cited printing xavier to fifty percent on can paper this really is a great partner so happy to have absent as a sponsor they can command a show habs then exchange of a shame i still to come this hour here getting calendar spam on my gash was getting myself and tell you more about it what you can do to avoid it but first in phoenix arizona and about yeah first of all thanks for all you do worse supporters out here in a digital are all pleasure i love that i find high keno year phoenix mountains one of the most rewarding an inspirational experiences and what i'd like to be able to do is creative and you to video of the socks to share with my wife he can i anymore and really here for me in the long term you know the point or maybe i can fight getting more let's let's july what you're sleeper ninety i like shelby you so now have you done the troy an trail lately no i haven't i got to go do that one park is kind of a nightmare but that's great also i don't know if you've been up camelback since they re did it that that's pretty cool you know it's so i live out in the north phoenix area so you know you got so many good places here just easy to get amended stuck really enjoy of also going i like about unit is you know you just kind of come up on one side you're not north you got the north new and then you come up to the top of nine you got the south you overlooking phoenix and stuff not mince just really inspiring them eight and you know and it's and and so fantastic that you get out there and do that i mean i and i try to get out i try to go hiking every single weekend because there are so many different areas in our hometown here we can do that um forward to going up to the new granite mountain far fighting memorial trail two into this look and i think is a did a special little thing about it on the news with the are now firefighters and they have their names all on the way i thought that would be pretty amazing as well let's.

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