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Dot EDU slash radio certified offering Virginia by chef okay Monday on mornings on the mall Joe to Jennifer will be with us she has a lot to say gosh only as it's going to break this weekend internationally goes to the top of the game client thank you so much for for coming and go home go take some Tylenol does get better thank you thank you Brian Darling it's now nine o'clock you are mailing them with which Washington while five point nine FM W. H. Q. where Washington comes to talk W. I. mail news at nine good morning everyone I'm John Matthews someone was struck and killed on I two seventy before dawn this morning this was at around five thirty in the northbound lanes near the shady Grove road exit the victim was struck by a tractor trailer in Maryland state police now say the pedestrian may have a connection to a disabled S. U. V. that was found in the transition lanes nearby all traffic is being diverted to the local lanes to get by the crash scene in the mainland which remains close for an investigation Steve her short will have the latest coming up just ahead in traffic breaking overnight a row of townhouses went up in flames on pioneer drive in Severn Maryland when a part part of the city they have fire through the roof up to the role of the group town homes and was threatening a couple of exposures on either and they were able to bring the fire under control in about forty five minutes but not before it damaged by pro internal county fire captain Russ Davies no one was injured but ten people were displaced by the fire officials say smoke alarms activated in time to.

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