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Let's see here. I'm pretty stoked the cart. You gave me you. Don't number. It has on that. Right. Just give it to me on purpose Pippen, right baby. Scott v thirty three. Larry Bird Alonzo, Mourning wants was number thirty three in basketball, guys, Patrick bird, Patrick Ewing. That's right. And e wings dunked on by Scotty p at the garden. Dumps ever. That's why Glen Rice I thought he was forty one was he he he was forty one on the heat. Right. You might be right. I don't know where be rabbit thirty two's, another strong one a strong number if you're making if you're making like fantasy teams based on just the jersey number. When did I give people advice to take the place of wasn't it last night show? Is remember talking about the bucks and the raptors I used to love Portland Trail Blazers man. Yeah. They plead yesterday day. Yeah. The trailblazers got him one thirty two one zero five she when you gave that parlay. You get the right side been giving people. I swear to God, I'm like four no five, and we as crazy. Yeah. NBA last five. Well, I do a lot of unconventional picks. Yeah. But I mean, I have I won't just say take him. They got great uniforms. I remember early in the year the jazz bit me in the ass a little bit because they were playing the blazers and they had a home and away. And I watch those and usually the traveling team on a back to back. It just it won't go their way, you know. But they they were on a roll then, but but the blazers kind of figured things out a little bit. And they're starting to play ball again. Like they were at the beginning of the year. He see that trade porzingas York. Josh Howard wars reacting to that New York largely with frustration. As I am it's ridiculous at this point to to be a Knicks fan. I'm watching I got the game on in the background right now. You know, lose into the Celtics. It's just the problem with that franchise. Is there still valued correct me if I'm wrong last I looked there still valued as the most valuable franchise in? NBA which is absurd. So there's no incentive to change one incentive. Is there for ownership to do anything different when they're Reagan and more money than anybody else? That's the problem. I think they should go back to the knickerbockers. I used to live off Knickerbocker avenue now, it'd be like why do they go away from that? That's all, you know, Utah Jazz used to be what New Orleans right because I don't know about a lot of jazz coming from Utah. Now, I remember when our aunt went to the jazz game in a in a nice dress and heels this she told our aunt when they moved to Salt Lake I'm picking you see the jazz tonight that was like a concert spe-speaking decked-out speaking of the jazz whenever someone on the courts back in the ninety s you're playing rec ball or whatever guys wearing too short shorts. We get down dachshund over there. Yeah. Horn a second. All right. The white guy ever to play basketball. All right, real quick. Because we got a we're going to bounce pretty soon. But just dillashaw look, you know, I'm a pretty big dillashaw fan. I like that guy. But here's the title of this story to teach you Bill Shaw labeled Henry's who does win a fluke still insists on a rematch that night. I'll give you a pass because you're emotional. You just got knocked in the head. All right. But I would say is this look champ because you're still champ of thirty five. It's soft you lost. But the do did hit you with a punch Henry has developed power. It's not like, oh my God. Where did this power? Come from. And he's a champion tune you far them because if you one you were going to tell everyone I beat Henry's Budo, and we're gonna go. Wow. That's a skin on your wall. Just like he beat a bum a tomato can a Tijuana taxi driver. So he shouldn't call it a fluke because it kind of takes away from what he what a call it had. He won. I agree. Here's the other thing champ. If you defend against a sunset or more. Is you get a paper viewpoints champ? If you go back to fight dillashaw at sorry. Twenty five of that. Yeah. You aren't chasing history. But then what you're one one..

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