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And welcome back to this week's episode of backchat where we are just making memories all the time. It's true Arcus Christoph at we are. Yes. Welcome back. Welcome back. Thanks. Well, we have another really special episode in store for you guys today. We have mentioned that it would be guest palooza chat. And we're living up to that. Promise. We are all the time. We have the most amazing Kim Janna aka zero fucks life coach coach extraordinaire, aka cereal thriftier aka to fucking fancy for me. You have so many AK as there's what case soon to come Marco below. Below. And I think honestly that probably Kim Janna is something that people here on our podcast all the time. You're a frequent mention I love though, that we've never Kim. You're Kim Janisch to name person. Yeah. Yeah. It's true. It's been like that my whole life. Yeah. Emma, Watson like, hey. Kim jonah. Yeah. Tom cruise. Oh. Going to think of examples episode every now and then. I love it. Yeah. You're gonna have to name Teresa perfect. It's perfect. Don, lady Gaga, Kim without the Janna. Yeah. Right. But it's true. It's like we actually a lot of our listeners. Like, we've been more active on the Instagram. I've noticed a lot of our Instagram followers. Have have messaged me saying that they found us through you so through through fucks life coach or some of our listeners who were listening to ask where like oh my God. I love congenital. Listeners actually fall in love with Houston's you were on our show last. Yeah. Which references to. Yeah. Awhile ago. Well, and I also talk about backchat podcast out on ramp. So it's the circle the circle the circle of love. Yes. I love it. Well, welcome. Thank you. We're so happy to have you second time. I love being here. We're very lucky to have second time. Yeah. We've been talking about this for a long time. I'm excited and here we are twenty nineteen y'all you year. You is exactly sad bitch to baggage. Yes. And we've just been talking so much before we started recording episode. We were like really getting deep into thanks in them. We were like, you know, what we should probably hit record. Yeah. Oh, it's not like, so we exactly and we didn't run to the steam when that'd be weird. If you do it entire zone of silence to see how long people stay tuned in label. Yeah. Like, remember? I talked about a welcome song like a conference. Yeah. It's supposed to go on for two minutes. But you have it on a loop plea for eight hours and just film people. And nothing happens keeps going. How long would people sit there? Oh my goodness. Curious to know. What was your thing? I think you said forty five minutes people. Well, I think like I would be the max time like that. Would there would be one person left in the room? It wasn't on a loop. It was that there would be a live band, and it would just playing the song which going, you know, and it just wouldn't end. I would actually like I don't know. I feel like I would be the person that walked up to the Bandon Haley everything. Okay. She needs some song titles. Maybe raising it song suggestions. Yes. It would be interesting to see it would be. I really identify the different kinds of social presences. What Kim we'd go up everything. We will have the help her, you know, identified the life. Coach would definitely stand out. Yes. You would have the life. Coach clientele. You know on all ends of the spectrum you'd have angry people, the sad people scared people all that all that at some point at one point or another. Yeah. But I think everything would get represented. I would love it. If like in a movie when somebody faints or is there a doctor in the room when if it'd be a similar scene where somebody just do rails? We're gonna need a life coach life. This person is losing it God. So you know, what I could use that you call. What would you call to one or two one two? Like going nuts in the club or something. You know, apply on Janardan 's new show. Oh, yes. I'm in love with John. Yeah. There's a scene where she gets into a little fight with Feist backstage at a charity and really. Really? It's. Oh, yeah. Yeah. And faces like I'm going to be time with my life coach, and she walks, and it's my God could be your thing that could be my thing. Facetime life coach for hire folks. Yes. I mean, honestly, I feel like I've actually done that. I've called Kim Kim is my real life coaches. Well, like last episode she wasn't. But now she is. And so it's like I'm excited to talk a little bit because I'm so open about my own mindfulness journey on this podcasting. I think that's been helpful for people to hear because of that. I'm excited to like talk a little bit about that as well. But I've definitely done to one two two things are getting the two to two out of control. But. Yeah. What it is to number. Did you know I was actually going up get that tattooed on my finger triple to my time. I was born. But it's also the time. Do you have a time that you when you look at a clock. It's like it always seems to be that time. Fever

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